Friday, 30 September 2016

When Words Are Not Enough

There are all sorts of things I could talk about today, nothing out of the ordinary, a bit of a moan and one or two things....but tonight I heard that a close friend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer, has been taken into our local hospice, and my chit chat just does not seem appropriate tonight.
She is a beautiful, gentle, sincere and loyal friend, a loving mother to a daughter the same age as Teen One  (they went to school together as well) and a devoted Christian who has touched so many hearts and lives.
I hope to visit her tomorrow morning, but as the cancer has spread to her brain, communication has become hard in the last week, I understand, so I don't know how the visit will go.
Just what I will say to her husband I don't know.
He lost his dad as a little boy to leukemia, and now is losing his wife early, I am hoping that just being there will be enough, for there are no words that will bring any comfort or cheer to his heart.
We know that soon she will be free from pain and with her Lord who she has served for so long....but we will miss her.
"My hope is in the Lord"


  1. No words are necessary on occasions like this. We will pray for all concerned. Xxxxxxxx

  2. At times like this you being there is all that is needed xx