Saturday, 10 September 2016

Well Done Teen One!

This morning started with a leisurely lie in, with Hubby bringing up a lovely cuppa around 8.30am...
Our first port of call this morning was taking Teen One into town for her theory test...and what a relief, she passed first time.
Having spoken to a friend a few weeks back, whose son has had several goes and still not passed, I was worrying it might be  tricky to pass, but lots of practise seems to have paid off...I suspect she now knows more than I do on the Highway Code!
When Teen One was taking her test, I decided I didn't want to spend £3 in the town car park, then walk in the wet, so went to a nearby Asda, knowing it was only £1 which was refunded on purchases over £2...and there was surely something I needed for £2.
I had a lovely mooch round, without the chore of having to buy essentials...I spied these pastel shaded highlighters, and just knew they would be Teen One's kind of colours...they also can be erased.
I then saw two new shower creams on special offer.
They smell good enough to eat I must say!
I figured these little goodies would either be consolation gifts or celebration gifts!
Having spent about an hour in Asda and had my modest small trolley's worth scanned was £63!
Maybe I should have just paid £3 in the town car park if saving money was my goal today!
After lunch, we went round to Grandma's who wanted some DIY doing.
The job didn't take as long as we had expected, so after a cuppa, we challenged her to a game of Rumminkub...she really loves this game!
She lost the first game, and being rather competitive, insisted we play another to see if she could better her score...and she did indeed...she won!
Once back home, I had some kitchen chores I wanted to was peeling a carrier bag of cooking apples my neighbour's son had given me earlier in the week.
I really love having a freezer full of fruit, but preparing apples is not my favourite past time by any stretch of the imagination, but it had to be done.
I was going to make an apple pie with some of the apple, but then remembered how popular the Dorset Apple Cake was the other week, so decided to make another.
Its really intended to be a cake, but works well as a dessert.
I made a small one for my neighbours son.
It's quick and simple to make.
Next up was a cake for tea tomorrow....
...I had a lemon in the fruit bowl, which was originally destined to make lemon herb chicken, but we went out to eat instead, so I thought I would make a lemon drizzle cake, here it is straight out of the oven, soaking in the sticky lemony syrup.
The recipe is from an old recipe book my great aunt gave me long before I was married.
I have made it so many times, sometimes I cut the cake in half lengthways and sandwich it together with lemon curd, or lemon curd mixed into whipped cream.
Tonight we are hoping for a quiet evening, with Teen Two's new Jungle Book DVD, with some crocheting for me I hope.
"In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths"


  1. Those frixion pens also iron off fabric - we use them to mark out for quilting etc