Thursday, 1 September 2016

Wednesday 31st Aug: Aventures in Last of The Summer Wine Country

Last night we set the Swingball up....the smallest patch of grass here is bigger than our own at home, and with no washing lines or bushes to avoid, the playing area was even the Teens had over an hour of enjoying the last of the sun.
This morning as I was sat by the living room window, I was treated to a waterfall of house martins, flying up to the roof space above the window.
It was all happened so fast I couldn't catch them all on the camera.
Today's adventure was to follow in the footsteps of one of our favourite TV programmes...
"Last of the Summer Wine"
We travelled over part of the Yorkshire moors to get there....very bleak indeed...I far prefer the Dales,
however it did make for an interesting drive.
Our first stop in Holmfirth was Sid's Café.
I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't full of a coach party!
They have kept the inside faithful to the programme and it really was quite surreal to be in there!
The menu was good honest wholesome fare and sensible prices
Each table had information of how to get to Nora Batty and Compo's cottages, as well as a price list for the various souvenirs they sell.
Teen Two took a fancy to a t shirt, which at only £8 was very reasonable indeed.
I would have bought a tea towel but they didn't have any in stock sadly.
There were life size cut outs of our favourite characters and props from the show
For lunch we chose home made soup and a cheese toasty.
I opted to morrocan  chick pea and spinach and it was delicious!
The café also sold postcards, so whilst enjoying a brew of Yorkshire tea, I wrote out some cards for my Recycled Teenagers back home.
The staff in the café were extremely friendly and I can highly recommend the place.
Bear in mind it is a café and not a high class tea room, it is not posh or modern, but provides excellent homemade food at affordable prices, and  in the ambience you would expect our dear friends Cleggy and Compo to enjoy.
We then set off for the short walk to those famous steps!
They are now covered in greenery, but were still recognisable.
Next door, is the exhibition and souvenir shop.
For £2.50 you get to enter Compo's front door, into his living room where the exhibition is housed..
...including that tatty old jacket!
Further round are props, photo's and general information on the programme and the stars, as well as a video with  behind the scenes and out takes, as well as interviews with the stars.
We enjoyed a happy hour sitting there....until the end part where Compo dies and both Hubby and I shed a tear!
The river right outside the house was peaceful...and we could almost hear Compo falling in!
Nora Batty's cottage is available for holiday lets and we considered renting it this year but thought we would visit it first and see how busy it gets!
I wasn't sure I wanted to have a stream of visitors at my front door every day, but today it was quite peaceful...although the washing line is right outside the front door and no doubt appears in many a tourist photo, so I would be careful what I hung out there...although I might be tempted to buy a pair of bloomers and wrinkly stockings to hang out!
We  then set off to explore Holmfirth, which has an array of interesting shops
Bakeries are always a magnet for us on holiday and it has to be said, the northern bakers really excel themselves!
We chose something each to watch in front of tonight's Bake Off...
...but bought an extra treat to munch on right away...a huge slice of toffee tiffin....we shared it out and it was yummy!

We then set off to find Cleggy and Howard and Pearls cottages.
These proved rather difficult, even with the map we had bought.
They were apparently in the road above the pub, but the road was inaccessible,  with "Private...residents only" posted everywhere...I guess they get fed up with strangers stopping at their home every day.
The pub didn't look anything like the one we remember from the programme, so wonder if this was in an earlier series
Just near to where we parked Teen One spotted some blackberries, bursting with juice!
We found a makeshift way of collecting them and enjoyed them on the way home
Back home, Teen Two played with his new best friend...we are going to miss Poppy for sure!
The main event of the evening was tucking into these goodies whilst watching The Great British Bake Off!
I had of course intended to bake something for tonight, forgetting we wouldn't be at home.
This picture does not do justice to the size of these cakes!!
Infact my iced bun was probably family sized and was eaten in stages....with some being saved for another day!



  1. What a fantastic day! We lived very close when we were at Saddle worth and drove through Holmfirth every time we went down South, but never stopped.xxxx

  2. But I sure remember those bleak moors!