Monday, 26 September 2016

Pears and PPI

Today we are back to routine...or should I say, back in the new routine.
I haven't yet got used to the fact both Teens are home on a Monday, although Teen One can only claim to have been "here" half of the day, as she was still asleep in bed at lunchtime when Teen Two and I returned from visiting my Monday Recycled Teenager, and our trip to Morrisons!
In the afternoon Teen One had a driving lesson, and I cracked on with some housework.
Part way through the afternoon I had a call about PPI...a follow up from a call last week.
Normally I would say no thank you, having believed I wasn't entitled  to any as we have never had a loan before.
But speaking to a friend last week, who received...wait for it.....£22,000 and also has never had a loan...just credit cards, I decided the next time I had a call I would persue the conversation.
So, with the paperwork now received, they just wanted to ensure I understood what was involved (not much to be honest)
If we get a penny back no one will be more surprised than me!
I must say though, I hadn't realised that using catalogues such as Kays, Littlewoods, Ace, etc meant PPI may have been charged, and I most certainly had those years ago.
After Teen One's driving lesson, we took Grandma out for her belated birthday treat.
Teen Two cant resist a luxury hot chocolate....he is wearing a T shirt especially designed by the teachers of one of his US friends, called Matt, who has cancer.
After a scrummy home made scone, the Teens went to try out the jumbo swing, whilst Grandma and I looked round the garden centre.
Its good to see them having fun together, even at their age!
Grandma and I managed to avoid spending any money, but found a pear tree that had shed a load of fruit, so we scooped them up to freeze and enjoy another time.
"The joy of the Lord is my strength"

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