Friday, 2 September 2016

Thursday Sept 1st: Woodland Walk and Exploring Ashbourne

This morning I was up bright and early to get some washing on and then see if I could hook up to the internet...something that is rather intermittent.
When the rest of the family were up and dressed I treated them to a cook breakfast...not something we indulge in very often and I can't say its my favourite thing to cook either, however they all enjoyed it and I must say, it was delightful to look out of the windows at our beautiful surroundings and enjoy the treat.
We didn't have real plans for the day, but as it was sunny, thought we would explore the footpath just at the bottom of our cottage.
It took us through some woodlands, which were beautiful and cool...but rather full of stinging nettles, so Hubby found a branch to hack them away...
...whilst Teen Two used his multitool to clip away the higher ones
It has to be said...I did not make the most sensible choice in footwear!
However the lovely woodlands didn't deter me, it wasn't anything that couldn't be easily washed off...but I was regretting not thinking to borrow a pair of the dozen or so wellies left in the cottage garage!
I haven't really captured the lush green moss that we passed on the stone walls
Teen Two particularly enjoyed the challenges of the fallen trees
Throughout the walk I was feeling very yarny inspired...thinking I would like to capture the beautiful woodland colours in a blanket when I get home, so Teen One and I collected a selection of the colours.
Sadly I am no photographer, so haven't captured the colours very well at all...but it will be a reminder for me when I get home.
I cant wait to visit my wool shop ( or maybe I should get through the remainder of my stash first?)
Once home, I wasn't the only one who needed to wash my feet...Teen Two had thoroughly enjoyed walking right through the thick mud....someone else who would have benefitted from those wellies!
But as I thought, we didn't walk through anything that couldn't be quickly washed off, the dry stone walls outside the kitchen made excellent drying spots, right in the sun
After our long trek it was time for a cuppa...and some Bakewell tarts...a firm family favourite, and we hope to visit Bakewell sometime during our stay.
After a cuppa, we decided to tackle a family of the jigsaws in the cupboard here.
It took us about an hour to get the edges sorted...but we think there may be some pieces missing...that's always a disappointment, but we will see if we can finish it anyway, then take a photo for future guests so they can see what is missing.

Mid afternoon we set off for Ashbourne, the nearest small market town.
At the start and end of very journey Teen Two opens and shuts the gate for us...he really enjoys this job.
Ashbourne was decked out in bunting everywhere and was very quiet today.
It had been market day, which we were sad to miss.
A local deli was selling some rather delectable looking pies....these took my eye and I may try them at home.
Drovers pie, filled with mince beef and onion, topped with mashed potates.
Dovedale pie, the same as Drovers but with Derby cheese on top...that would be my choice!
Each little lane had interesting shops, more bunting and to Hubby's delight a shop selling matchbox cars!
Not only that, but they were very very cheap!
Four for 50p!
We were starting to feel peckish, having skipped lunch due to the earlier indulgences,
so set out looking for somewhere to eat.
This wasn't as easy as we had thought as the teashops were starting to close and restaurants were few and far between, however, just as we were giving up and thinking of heading into Waitrose to buy something...or go back to that deli....we found a place called Jack Rabbit.
It had a very small menu, but all looked very nice indeed.
I think it was fairly new, all done out with reclaimed furniture.
We are very familiar with these chairs, from church!
Instead of hymn books, the chairs had a selection of books to read...

...this one of course caught Hubby's eye
we found this childhood puzzle and Hubby said "Oh..I didn't think there was a solution to without bothering to read it, I gave Teen Two a paper napkin and pen and set him the challenge that we used to spend hours doing as kids..
..pretty soon he came up with his solution....portals!!
When we read on to see what the solution was...we discovered there is of course no solution!
But it was good fun trying!
Hubby found a book on the Peak District and tracked down the place where feral wallabies live...but sadly discovered they  have now died out.
Teen One and I jenned up on our history...
...then got Teen Two to test us on how much we could remember from our school days
Our food took much longer to come than it should have, for which the delightful young staff apologied, but we were having so much fun reading the books and taking in the unusual decorations, we didn't mind a bit.
I rather liked the ladder shelving!
When dinner did arrive it was worth the wait.
Our flatbreads were delicious.
Hubby chose chicken chorizo and pepper,
Teen One the same, Teen Two had pulled pork with BBQ glaze and I had wild mushrooms with a white wine cream sauce.
However, I was tempted by the smoked salmon and pistachio one!
It was a delightful afternoon out, and once home we spent most of the evening doing the jigsaw...which needless to say still needs a few hours working on!

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  1. Another delightful day!! That teashop sounds lovely. Was the 'Dangerous Book for boys' book by Con Iggledon (not sure if I have spelt it right!) By any chance? If so he was employed by my present husband as an English teacher back in the day!! Small world.xxxx