Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Start Of A New Adventure!

This morning started just the way I like responsibilities...just wake up when we want.
I might have slept in longer, had I not been so cold!!!
Only yesterday I was hearing from FQ2FF how cold it was further up north, and it has now made it down south!
I turned over to see if Hubby was already up and making a cuppa...but he was sound asleep with the sheet wrapped around his neck...he too was clearly cold!
So it was my turn to go and make the Saturday morning cuppa.
With the slow start, I was in the mood for treating the boys to a cooked breakfast.
It made a great start to the day...even if it was almost 10am before we sat down to eat it.
After a few bits and pieces done at home, we headed out to Chichester and did something quite momentous....booked tickets to go to Australia!!
This is something Hubby has always dreamed of, he has family out there he has longed to see, but up until now it has been out of our league as far as flight prices are concerned.
However, with the mortgage recently paid off and our back up plans for a miserable endowment policy repayment, not needed, we have the funds available.
We were brought up with rather a sad jolt earlier in the summer, when the aunt we have the most communication with down under, suddenly died.
We have rather forgotten that most of Hubby's cousins are not his age at all, but are in their mid 70's.
The longer we leave it, the more chance some may not be well enough or even around.
My own cousin, who I have grown very fond of over the years, is in remission from breast cancer, so whilst she is still well, it will be lovely to see her and her family, who we have not seen since they were tiny tots.
So whilst we and they have health and strength and our own Teens are still at home and wanting to share family holidays, it seemed the best use of our unexpected savings pot.
We have been checking out prices online for some time and all of a sudden they are shooting up, so we decided we had to make a decision this weekend.
A random read of The Daily Telegraph "A booking guide to Australia" highlighted something I had been under a false impression about....that it is not always cheaper to book direct with the airline.
That is what we have always done when flying to the US, but according to the article I read, agents get better deals.
One such company named was Flight Centre.
We looked online and arranged for a return phone call...then I happened to notice there was an office in Chichester...hence our reason for today's visit there.
We spent a pleasant hour or so in the office, really only expecting to get some prices, but were so happy with the prices, we booked there and then!
It was so easy and so much less stress than booking ourselves online...always worrying if we have put in the correct details, or having the page crash on us.
So, we have our outward flights and return flights booked.
We now just need to get confirmation from the various cousins on Hubby's side as to when we can meet up and then we can book internal flights.
I really hadn't realised how BIG Australia is and how far apart each member of the family is...just check out this comparison map....
I knew it was big...but not THAT big!
So, its all very exciting in the household....I sent a text to Teen One, who is hugely excited!
I did have to laugh at her first question...
"how early do we have to get up for the flight?"
We had been looking at some very odd flight times...infact the return flight home is 2.30am...
but thankfully its a lunchtime flight.
We have several months to get our pressies organised...thinking what to take will be fun for me...and thinking small too!
I have seen enough "Nothing to Declare" programmes to know what I can and cannot take that's for sure!
The big Down Under Adventure starts next Easter.
We were in the Travel Agents so long...with the aroma of fried onions and burgers wafting in the whole time, Teen Two and Hubby were feeling rather peckish by the time we came it was street food for their lunch...something we rarely, if ever indulge in!
It wasn't to my taste really... so we headed for the nearby Starbucks, much more to my liking!
The diet went out the window when I saw their Pumpkin Spice latte was out...yes I know I could have had it without the cream....but its not nearly so nice!
When I saw the Oreo chocolate cake I just new a certain Teen who would love that....I wish I had the camera out when I arrived at the table with was a picture!
We then had a little wander round town....The Works is always a lovely place to mooch around, then we saw this little church dating back to 1050 was opened as a Christian Book shop, so we had a look in there as well.
I bought an adapted copy of Pilgrims Progress for Teen Two...
...and one of the popular grown up colouring books we see so much of....but a Christian version.
I thought the older Friday club girls might like it.
The pages are perforated for easy removal and I think the girls will love the designs...and for us we will be delighted that they are taking home something with Scripture on.
Hubby has created his own colouring in Bible Texts for years and they have been great, but in recent times the kids have been less inclined to colour in...I hope this more modern style will inspire them again.
Chichester has all sorts of interesting and independent shops....this one was full of retro games and really interesting crafty gifts for kids.
This caught my eye...I used to have this exact designed box of Jack Straws.
I can remember how all the pieces felt and the fun I had playing with it.
I had to drag Hubby out of the shop...he could have stayed all afternoon!
Teen Two was interested in quite a bit too, but not enough to want to part with any of his birthday money!
We eventually headed home and have spent the early evening chilling on our various screens...with no one feeling particularly hungry at all, so its going to be a late, light something  to eat I reckon.
"Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners"



  1. Wow - what an adventure to look forward to - and soooo many fabric shops to steer you towards - can you carry a spare empty suitcase?

    1. I forgot they are big on quilting over there too! Seriously if there is anything you specifically want and I cant find where to get it...get your list started!