Monday, 5 September 2016

Sunday 4th September: Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig

This morning we were up bright and early (6am!) to admire those views for one more time, then pack the car and head home.
We had a few things to en route, firstly go to church in Bakewell.
The journey was hampered right from the beginning.
Just passed the farm lane, part of a tree had come down, blocking the road, so Hubby and Teen Two braved the rain to clear the path.
A few miles later there was a road block, with emergency vehicles and a tail we turned the car round and let the sat nav plot a different route.
This one took us about half an hour out of our way ( meaning we would just about make the service on time!) and also took us past the scene of another accident  and a tractor removing the car!

Thankfully we eventually saw Bakewell in the distance and had no further hold ups...other than there was residents only parking near the church so Hubby had to go into the centre of town and walk back, meaning the service was almost half way through when he finally arrived!
The Christians there were very welcoming and we staying for a second service, a family service, straight after.
They were apologetic they couldn't invited us back for lunch, there was a baptism some miles away which they were all attending, but we assured them we couldn't really have stayed as we needed to head down south a little to collect Teen One.
So we drove to a restaurant about half an hour from Teen One and enjoyed a leisurely lunch...the lads ordered a "Colossal Cookie Candy Sundae" which was indeed colossal and some of the chocolate bars came home with us!
I ordered a strawberry meringue pie, which was an unusual the diet starts tomorrow ( like the end of every holiday!) I thought I would go out with a bang!
We then headed on to the camp field, to collect a weary Teen One who had got to bed after 2am each night!
I remember those days!
With the car packed to the gunnels, it was time for the long drive home.
We played "Twenty Questions" "The Alphabet Game" and even a card game, to pass the time, caught up on Teen One's weekend and relived the happy days we had spent in Derbyshire.
There were hold ups along the way, making for an even longer journey, but by 8.30pm we were back home, weary , worn and tired, as my grandmother used to say!
Despite being so tired, and going to bed around 10pm, at 3am I was still wide awake!
Arggh!! FQ2FF I know just how you feel...must be an age thing!
The house is of course full of suitcases, bags and general chaos, which I suspect will take me days to clear, but there we go....that's life!
Monday holds an important appointment first, to see what they can offer us,
once that is out of the way I am hoping to be able to focus on the rest of life!

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