Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Shades of Autumn

Starting with last night...I joined the 21st century by buying a new with a camera...Bluetooth, a torch, dual sim, MP3 and all kinds of other things I will never use!
For £12.95 this has got to be the bargain of the century!
My old candy bar phone is much loved and I am loathed to consider replacing it, but the lack of signal is becoming increasingly frustrating.
We are not sure if its our provider or the phone, so bought this cheap and cheerful one as a test.
Last night had some frustrating moments, not knowing how various functions worked, and today there are still gaps in my knowledge, but I can text, call, receive both, and even got Bluetooth working in the car!
Sadly it only works for calls, text is not compatible apparently, but I guess calls are more urgent...put it this way, anyone calling me rather than texting ( which is rare) wants an immediate answer.
I haven't managed to work out how to send a picture or use as an icon...I seem to be following the instructions on the phone (the book doesn't cover it!) but with no success...but its a minor issue.
My phone is only used for calling and texting so if I can achieve both I am laughing!
Teen One has a spare giff gaff card ( with money on too!) so I will use that next week as well and see what gives the best coverage.
Whilst we are on the subject of last night...I was not impressed to see this walking across Hubby's PJ's top as he got out of bed last night!
He had been having a drink in bed and was just putting his cup on the side when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something move!
I looked again and thought it was just shadow...then looked closer and there was a humongous spider galloping across his chest!
Having imparted this information as calmly as I could ( hubby is not frightened but has experience of me over reacting!) but the huge black living nightmare dropped to the ground and under the chest of drawers.
Well Hubby thought that was that...until he looked at me and knew he was not going to get a minutes peace until the unwelcome visitor had been found and evicted.
Had it been just a regular house spider I wouldn't have worried...but this was mega massive and the thought of him going walkabouts in the night was not a nice thought.
Thankfully it didn't take too long, although there was plenty of huffing and puffing from Hubby and we did have to resort to using the Dyson!
Today I busied myself with some more spring autumn cleaning.
I got lots done and even dug out my autumn decorations, I bought this in Lidl's last year....
...which came as a pair...
...I bought my first pumpkin of the season...75p in Morrisons....
...I love this little one, bought in the reduced section a few years ago as it had a little broken piece, which we have managed to fix...
...Ikea do lovely candles for less than a pound, this is its third year I might even light it!
The autumn runner is now out, along with fir cones that were used at a family wedding a couple of years ago, as place settings, each one having a little label with the name of the guest on.
And best of all.....Teen Two kicked off our autumn collection of woodland treasures, by bringing in these conkers from his walk to college today.
We did this when the Teens were small, collecting bright coloured leaves, twigs, conkers, acorns etc, and always made a display in the fireplace, along with a pumpkin which at the end of the season becomes pumpkin soup.
Teen One used to bring conkers home from college and now Teen Two takes the same route, its great he has picked up her mantle.
Along with the conkers my ambulist Teen  brought home a large stick ( he has always been a collector of sticks!) which he spent an hour or so in the garden, whittling...along with a cuddle from the bunnies.
"Ambulist" = Collector of (walking) sticks
"To every thing there is  a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"


  1. I bet that spider was no more than a 5p piece in size - knowing you!

    1. I kid you was the size of a mans hand.....a small man!