Sunday, 4 September 2016

Saturday 3rd September: Admiring The Views...From Inside!

This might be a holiday, but I just can't stay in bed first thing...the scenery is always so breath taking I just want to hop out of bed and check to see its still there!
This morning started sunny,  with the house martins filling the overhead wires like pegs on a washing line!
The sheep come into our fields early but soon wander up to find pastures new.
The air is so still first thing, this already peaceful area has an extra calmness about it at this time of day.
I tried to get internet access which is generally better early on, but it was just not playing ball (hence the rather late posting!)
As the morning went on it got wetter and wetter and we saw a steady stream of very soggy walkers going past our fields.

You have admire these hardy matter what the conditions they pursue their goal.
For us, we decided we could see the same wonderful scenery...from right where we were, warm and dry in the cottage!
So we did some more of the jigsaw...
...not intending to spend as much time as we did, but got to the stage where we couldn't leave it alone so ended up finishing it!
Sadly there was one piece missing...but at one stage we thought several pieces were missing so it wasn't so bad having just one small hole in the picture...which I suspect you won't even see!
With a break for lunch, we then played Rummikub, whilst still enjoying looking out of the window.
Mid afternoon I decided I ought to do something more industrious, so set to packing up the cases and gathering our belongings into one place.
I noticed a small stain on one of the teatowels...probably from beans, so thought I would try and clean it out, but couldn't find any bleach in the cupboards.
I did however, notice that all the cleaning products were "eco" friendly...hence no bleach I guess!
I was curious as to what this homemade preparation was?
It was definitely lavender heads...but I wasn't sure what the slightly yellow powder was...could it be some kind of washing detergent?
What would it be used for, I then wondered?
Freshening carpets maybe?
I thought maybe it might be scattered into the carpet then hoovered up later?
Any ideas?
Was certainly interesting anyway.
Whilst I busied myself with some pottering, Hubby had the jigsaw bug and decided to give the other one a go...initially to see if he came across the missing piece, but of course couldn't resist putting together as much as time allowed...which sadly wasn't much.
Eventually I went to bed, leaving him to it, whilst I read my book, The Diary of Anne Frank.
It has been good to reconnect with the book again...although has given me some very strange dreams this week!
The combination of a strange bed and surroundings no doubt adding to the dreams.
We will miss this place, but hope to come back again one day.


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