Thursday, 15 September 2016

Putting My Foot Down!

Thursday's are always a busy day for me, starting with Mother and Toddlers in the morning, then ferrying the Teens to piano and footy in the afternoon, so when I booked  a Thursday delivery for our new church fridge freezer, I did wonder if I was doing the right thing!
However, as Curry's give four hour time slots, there was a 50% chance the delivery would be in the morning when I am already at church, and would save spending another morning/afternoon there in the week.
Now of course, it isn't just a case of waiting for the delivery man to arrive...oh no...there is a host of behind the scenes arrangements needing to be made, and all sorts of  plans B C and D.
I checked the time slot after 10pm as advised, last night, and was a tincy relieved it wasn't a 7am delivery...however I was rather disappointed to say the least that it was a 2.35-6.35pm delivery...precisely the time I didn't want!
So with Plan B&C in action it was off to church this morning.
The orange playdough looked rather pretty with the autumnal playdough mats I had downloaded last year from Sparklebox
I really love this mats...
...and I really love autumn!
With Mother and Toddlers finished, Teen One and I rushed home to make the most of the couple of hours we had before heading back to church.
I tackled a job I had seen needed doing a while ago, but couldn't work out how to get the wire cage off.
Our fan has been much in use during the hot summer days ( yes we did have one or two!) and the dirt that had built up on it was revolting!
Hubby managed to take the cage off last night and I was so pleased to be able to wipe away all that dirt and grime...
...just where did it all come from!
Pretty soon it was time to head back to church, so armed with plenty of activities to do and thoughts of drawers and cupboards I could sort through, we set off.
When we arrived one of our elders was there, doing some DIY, and kindly offered to keep an eye out for the delivery enabling us to go home.
So plan D was now in action and home we came.
With the involvement of someone else, it meant I had to consider plans E F and possibly G!
By the time Teen One's piano lesson had come round, there was no news of the delivery having arrived, so plan E was put into action...Teen Two thankfully wasn't too disappointed when I suggested we cancel footy to make one less journey and arrangement for, meaning plan F wasn't needed.
Plan G...Grandma....was put into action and I took her and Teen Two to church, enabling the elder to go home for his much needed dinner.
With piano, finished Teen One and I went back to church, to find Hubby we left him to do the last shift and I brought everyone else home.
With only 45 minutes left until the end of our time slot, we thought, surely this very long day would soon be over...
...not quite!
Having arrived home I then had a phone call from Curry's, the lorry had broken down so delivery wasn't going to be made today....could they deliver it tomorrow!
Tomorrow I am driving to Datchet and back to deliver Teen One to some friends for onward journeying to Oxford for a YP weekend, so no way did I have four hours to spare.
So having explained delivery was not to a private house, but to a church and today had been planned with military precision, and I was not prepared to go through it all again, I put my foot down firmly and insisted on a four hour slot next Thursday morning when I would be at church already...
and to my surprise the man said yes!
What a day!
"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want"


  1. Good on you! I have a bed being delivered tomorrow from M & S and they first agree a day and then, at 3 days before give you a two hour slot, and then phone you when they are about an hour away - much more civilised!

    1. Much better indeed! It wouldn't be such a problem if it was being delivered at home and I guess a broken down lorry cant be planned for...and lets just hope it was a broken down lorry and not a lame excuse!