Tuesday, 20 September 2016

No Cooking For Me Tonight!

Today we were on a mission to get the EE hub sorted and we felt the way to do it once and for all was to speak to an advisor in the flesh!
So my friend and I went into town and thankfully the very helpful team were able to get the matter sorted....we hope!
We then took time out for a coffee and once again I enjoyed a delicious Pumpkin Spice latte!
Twice in a matter of days...mind you, I missed the boat altogether last year so am making up for it!
Back home, I made soup pea and ham soup from yesterdays stock made with the gammon.
My friend really enjoyed it and wanted the recipe (as he did yesterday) but I rarely make the same thing twice the same way so could only give approximate ingredients/amounts and said its all a matter of tasting as you go.
This afternoon I went to the funeral of one of my closest friend's dad.
As always it was a sad occasion.
I have known him for many years,watched him playing with his grandchildren, being a real fun and loving granddad.
One of his grandsons gave a fitting and emotional tribute to him...not a dry eye in the place!
Hubby is home early today as very unusually he has made an appointment with the doctor.
Whilst painting the garden fence at the weekend he was bitten by something...although at the time he thought it was just a scratched spot...but it has become very red and painful so I urged him to get it seen by the doctors.
All day I have been having "panic" attacks thinking "oh no...I haven't got dinner sorted!"
But the reason is, our friend has offered to buy us an Indian takeaway...a new experience for us.
It will arrive in the next half hour and we are all looking forward it.
I have a pot of yogurt on the table in case we need to extinguish any fires!
"The Lord is my strength and song"

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  1. Funnily enough I am out for an Indian tonight - its not something that I have regularly - I am somewhat of a wimp when it comes to heat!