Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Learn A New Word Every Day!

Well starting with last night, could my family tell the difference between frozen and home made shortcrust pastry??
No they couldn't!!
But boy could I!
Whilst I feel like I may have wasted way too many years making my own pastry ( and not to mention the clear up!) I really did not like the hard texture of the frozen other than using the other 30p pack I have in the freezer, I wont be buying it again!
This morning was spent catching up with some housework ( and lets no mention the fact that Teen One dropped a bottle of orangeade and then opened it immediately, which resulted in a cascade of sticky orange bubbles all over my not yet dry kitchen floor!)
and generally pottering.
After lunch we popped in to town.
Teen One had to make an appointment with the bank to get her student current account open.
Teen Two needed a new watch for college...this is his first "man" watch.
I picked up these mobile phone cases for 20p in Primark,
whether or not the Friday Club kids have the right phones I have no idea, but I couldn't resist them at that price!
When we arrived home my friend was in our front room, making the most of our wifi ( she has a spare key)
We then made the most of the sunshine and sat in the garden...although even under the gazebo it got too hot!
Even the bunnies and cats could only slouch in the sun...can you spot our white cat??
Pretty good camouflage huh!
They say you should learn a new word every day, and I quite by accident learnt one today....
just before we went out Teen Two said
"just going to shave my monobrow"
Monobrow????What is that I thought!
Then he told me someone at school told him he had one, and ought to do something about it!
I had to laugh to myself, but also thought, how sad that lads are being drawn into the agonies of having to comply with the unwanted hair issues us girls have had to put up with for years!
I am way behind on the GBBO challenges, it's going to be ginger biccies from a packet tonight I think!


  1. nooooooooooo - I have slaved away making the ginger thins!! They are very hard - just right for dunking I am hoping!

    1. I'm such a let down aren't I :(..hopefully next week will be better!