Monday, 12 September 2016

Just How Do We Do It!

Well today started as another back to normal day.
Starting with visiting my Monday Recycled Teenager...
...then our usual trip to Morrisons...
...then just as I was relaxing with a bowl of much needed soup, Teen One reminded me she had a bank appointment within the hour!
Teen Two and I had seen Custard Tarts in Morrisons, which he and Grandma love, so bought them with the intention of him making a surprise visit later in the afternoon. However, he didn't much fancy traipsing round town with us, so went to Grandma's instead.
The bank appointment took over 40 mins...we had to watch videos and all sorts!
Anyway, with that out of the way and Teen One now having her first current account, we headed off to look at a couple of shops.
It was only when I went to get my contactless credit card that I realised I didn't have it!
I do have two cards so was able to pay for my purchases, but I was of course a little anxious as to where the card was.
Back in the car I went through my purse more thoroughly and tried to think which card I had used in Morrisons...but couldn't be sure.
So back at home I checked my purse again, all my pockets, checked my account online...all looked well...called Morrisons to see if I had left the card in the end called the bank and cancelled the card.
Whilst I am of course relieved no one can use the card now...I would like to know where it is!
Now I am wondering if I accidently left it in the card reader in Asda at the weekend!
So I will be phoning them tomorrow to find out.
I am so careful with things like that I am annoyed with myself for having lost it!
 It was then time for  a few bits of essential housework, a few emails to the Local Authority
(still working our way through the SEN mine field) 
several loads of washing in and out, then time to get dinner ready... we had spaghetti bolognaise (using low fat pork mince)
and in place of half of the spaghetti...spirallised courgettes and carrots.
We enjoy the veggies this way ( I bought them half price in Morrisons today) but do feel the need for some carbs as well.
The Teens have busied themselves, Teen One made a cake to take to our friend tomorrow...
...whilst Teen Two cleaned the gerbils cage out.
Tomorrow is his first day at college of course so he is now getting his bag all ready....and he cant find his phone!
It's a day for losing things it seems...just how do we do it!
"For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life."

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  1. It's a sign of old age I am afraid! you will be attaching whistling gps devices to everything next!