Sunday, 18 September 2016

Teen One Back Home

Its still the of course the morning started with a lovely cuppa brought up by Hubby.
The morning whizzed by making the usual roast dinner and dessert.
Today I made Teen Two's favourite, syrup sponge pudding, but replaced syrup with lemon curd.
I also added some lemon zest to the sponge mixture.
Home made lemon curd is of course the best ...but when time is of the essence...and you don't have enough fresh lemons to hand....this 22p Morrisons Savers option is a handy stand by.
The sponge takes 7 minutes in the microwave and is always a hit with the family.
I should have spread the lemon curd more evenly though..I had though it would settle in cooking...but as you can see it didn't.
Really I should turn the pudding out onto a plate and let the hot curd cascade down..and if we have visitors I do....but when its just the family its served straight out of the bowl to save on washing up!
100g soft marg/buter
100g sugar ( any) I used granulated, soft brown works well too
2 eggs beaten
100g Self raising flour
1tsp baking powder
2tbsp milk
3tbsp golden syrup (or lemon curd/jam/honey) I use GENEROUS spoonfuls!
Grease a large microwave pudding bowl.
Add syrup to bottom of the bowl
In a separate bowl mix all the other ingredient until light and fluffy.
Pour on top of syrup
Microwave on high for 7 mins...if a skewer/knife comes out clean its done...if not give it another minute.
The weekly Yorkshires came out well...but I couldn't help thinking that they just would not pass muster on GBBO....not one of them are the same!
How on earth does one get them looking identical!
I don't think I have ever managed...or ever cared!
Just as we were sitting down to lunch, the door bell was my neighbour's son with these beautiful flowers!
He does spoil me!!
I tried to encourage him in for lunch but he said he had just eaten.
The new occupants move in next door at the end of this coming I suspect I wont see so much of him...but I know it wont be the last I see of him and will do all I can to keep up the contact.
With lunch eaten, cleared up  and then tea prepared, it was time to go and collect Teen One.
The M3 was rather slow but otherwise it was an easy journey.
Its so pretty as I get near to the scout camp where the weekend is held.
The view at Boars Hill of Oxford is stunning.
Teen One had a great weekend and its great to have her home!
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God"

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  1. mmmm lemon pudding and Yorkshires - just the tonic!