Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Is Home Made Always Best?

Yesterday evening we had a minor disaster!
Teen Two kindly ran the bath for Teen One...but we all forgot about it and only when I heard water in the kitchen ceiling did we all realise what had happened!
Teen Two rushed up first and managed to pull the plug ( which broke at the same time!)
and I mopped up the floor with endless towels.
We haven't long had the kitchen ceiling re plastered, so I hope it hasn't done any lasting damage!
The nuisance value is having to smell damp wood in the bathroom for ages!
Last night I had a much better nights sleep and think I have caught up on what was lost the previous night...such a relief!
This morning I managed to get the washing away...which took ages..and it was so hot again!
Of course there was more to do, but at least the pile is getting down finally!
At midday Teen One and I attended the funeral of my friend's mum.
It was held in a large church, with a couple of hundred people attending...but imagine the surprise when the organist struck up "Abide With Me" and the only voices to be heard were Teen One and I!
Embarrassing wasn't the word!
I wondered if we should stop singing...but that might have sounded worse...so we carried on...feeling very much the centre of attention, even though we were right at the back!
Never have I heard so many people be so quiet!
At the graveside, once the coffin had been lowered, each close family member held a dove, which were all released at the same time...
...it was quite a sight, but happened so fast I couldn't capture all the birds together!
The rest of the afternoon I spent catching up with paperwork, paying some bills online  (so much easier these days isn't it!)  writing a letter to the local authority regarding Teen Two's EHCP (we wont hold our breath on a positive reply) and then tackling the mountain of ironing that including a weeks worth before we went on holiday...how naughty was I!
So with that out of the way, I have yet more washing to put away and the dinner to think about.
I bought some frozen pastry for 30p yesterday in Morrisons...I haven't used frozen shortcrust in my life, so lets see how it compares to home made...they had better notice the difference...and it had better not be better than home made...although think of the time I would save!


  1. I don't eat pastry much these days - but I would always buy it - far too messy making it lol!! In fact I have been known to keep some in the freezer!

    1. My verdict is....nowhere near as nice as home made....everyone else's verdict...didn't notice the difference! There was SO MUCH difference I cant believe it!