Sunday, 25 September 2016

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today was our Family service at church, followed by lunch, a busy day.
I made a simple cottage pie for my mains, and struggled to cut up the swede, which after two hours of boiling was still not tender....trying to mash it was impossible, and when I tasted it, it was like chewing it went straight in the bin!
What a waste of time money and effort!
Thankfully I had plenty of other veg and someone else also brings along veg, so no one starved!
Today is Grandma's birthday (82...shhh I didn't tell you that!) and she would normally go home after the family service, but it didn't seem right sending her home alone, so I suggested she come back to us like any other Sunday and play some games.
We had a lovely couple of hours playing Scrabble .....
...and Rummikub, and Teen Two is still the reigning champion....this game is perfect for him, I would never have thought it!
Hubby is going to try and teach him chess, as he thinks it might need similar skills.
Tonight it was back out for the evening service, and I did my best to get rid of the last of yesterday's cakes...yet again...but we have still had to bring some home...this isn't good for the diet!!
"God is faithful"

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