Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Gifts From Afar!

This morning we all needed to be up early, the first time since  the summer holidays.
Well in truth I didn't need to be up early...but what sort of mum would I be to laze in bed whilst the Teens rushed around getting themselves ready?
I say rushed, but in reality our household is generally calm in the morning (just not normal is it!)
Teen Two is an early riser and Teen One sets her alarm in plenty of time, so there is little reason for rushing around...and having two bathrooms and three loos is probably a big reason for the peace we are blessed with!!
With everyone gone by 9am, it was the first time I have had the house to myself since June...and I had planned all sorts of  jobs, but it wasn't easy getting on with them.
I seemed to plod from one thing to another, getting bits and bobs done...but nothing that was particularly blog worthy!
I had the conservatory doors open, as there was some warmth in the air still and it wasn't raining at this point....as I wandered by at one point, I wondered why one of the cats was looking intently at something.....then I saw!
Our little bunny visitor had decided to check out the house! She was infact in the living room when I first saw her, but by the time I had got the camera she had taken refuge under the table in the conservatory!
Bearing in mind our incident last week I was not keen to repeat it, so the door was firmly shut for the rest of the day!
We have way more leads for her to chew in the house that's for sure!
I got on with various jobs, trying to drum up some enthusiasm for the neglected chores, I was so sure I would attack with great gusto "when everyone has gone back," but somehow it didn't seem so appealing!
Late morning the postie came with a parcel...an unexpected parcel...from Canada!
About 18months ago grown up children of our dear friends in the US were over in the UK and managed to squeeze in a visit to us.
We had great fun, showing them the sights of London as well as local places of interest.
They have said thank you a thousand times I am sure, but today we received a lovely thank you card, along with some Blueberry tea, a Canadian maple syrup soft caramels...which are delicious!
There were also some loose Macintosh toffee's......I thought Macintosh was British ( didn't they make Quality Street?) I will have a google later on.
It was so kind of them to remember us, and remind me of those happy days we spent together.
When we were over with their parents this year, we were taken to a sale of goods at the local university. I bought this brand new ceramic leaf dish for about 50p, which I knew would be perfect around this time of year for holding sweets of some sort...I had  no idea it would have such treats in as this!
With that happy interlude over, I got the ironing out of the way, not only that but put it all away too!
I was just thinking of tackling a job I have been aware needs doing for a while...cleaning the kitchen walls, which hold a surprising amount of saw dust still, from when Hubby sanded the floor.
But as probably only I know its there, I have been ignoring it!
No sooner had I filled a bowl with warm soapy water, than the door bell went...my friend was on her lunch hour and popped in for a cuppa, so whats a gal to do but sit down and have a natter!
Whilst with me she received a text to say one of her colleagues cases, a triplet, had lost his dad last night...so her meeting with him was cancelled.
We sat and thought about the poor mother, who will now be bringing up three (IVF) children alone.
She knew he had cancer but they hadn't yet told the children.
So sad, and how blessed we felt to not have been through that experience with school aged children.
With my friend back to work, I cracked on with the task of cleaning the walls...and boy did they need it!
Its amazing that the white walls looked as white, considering the amount of yellow I washed off!
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart"

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  1. what a lovely treat - don't you just love getting surprise packages!