Saturday, 3 September 2016

Friday 2nd September: Well Well Well!

This morning starting leisurely, just the way a holiday should!
It takes about 2-3 hours each day to upload pictures onto the blog....morning seems to be the best time to get a connection, so I get up around 7am, put the washing on have a cuppa etc, and for the past couple of mornings, see how much more of the puzzle I can put together...its a good use of the time whilst waiting for the uploads to finish!
When everyone was up and ready, we headed out for Arbour Low, an ancient stone circle.
Unfortunately, it was on the land of a farmer, who had a very pot holey we didn't fancy taking the car down ( it was THAT bad!) so Hubby and the Teens walked down, only to find there was a charge for walking on the land! As Hubby didn't have any money on him and was by this time rather unhappy with the less than favourable attitude of the land owner, he decided to call it a day.
Our next port of call was Bakewell.
We are all Bakewell tart fans in our family ( or anything that is almond flavour!)
so were keen to visit the home of one of our favourite desserts.
This bakery/tea shop is where the original recipe was accidently put together a few hundred years ago.
Bakewell Pudding is the original seen on the left and of course Bakewell tart is what we are now all familiar with.
We share these two large delights between us...served in the traditional way with custard AND cream!
I ought to add, some of the tart came home with was very filling!
The tea rooms were lovely, with the menu's having a history of how the first pudding was made.
The decoration and oldey worldy windows were quite charming
Downstairs is a gift shop, with more history...
...and viewing windows to see the bakers at work...
...the bakery sold several other delights..including GIANT jammy dodgers!
Wandering round the town we noticed that giant meringues were very popular as well, the bakery had sold them in several flavours.
The town was very pretty, with great attention to fresh plants and flowers everywhere
we followed signs through some beautiful public gardens to a craft fair...which sadly didn't live up to its was more a jumble sale with one or two card tables, but the walk was lovely at least!
Bakewell has plenty of unusual shops, and we rather liked this cheese and wine shop, with plenty of samples...
sticky toffee cheese as well as Parma violets cheese....sounds odd...
...but I rather liked it, so bought it to share with family at Christmas.
Teen One thought it too soapy!
As we were wandering through we heard the unmistakable sound of the Red Arrows!
We found an open space to watch them
we were right by a bridge that was full of locks.
I hadn't heard of this "token of everlasting love" until we went to Venice, and of course they are also at the Romeo and Juliet balcony in Verona
Our next destination was Foolow, a small village where we saw our first "Well Dressing" display.
It really was stunning.
I hadn't heard of it before, Hubby had come across it and chose a few for us to visit.
The entire display is made from natural materials, such as leaves, berries and flower petals.
Hydrangeas feature highly and each petal is individually glued on!
It certainly makes for a stunning piece of work!
The next village, Eyam, showed a picture from A Midsummer's Night Dream
once again hydrangeas came into their own
We were all amazed and how intricate the work was...and in just a few weeks it would all be gone.
On our way onto the next village we stopped to take this picture for our Leicester City fans in the family
The final Well Dressing had three pieces of work to admire.
The adult one was to celebrate 400 years since the death of Shakespeare, also using A Midsummer's Night Dream
...the Teens section was to celebrate  50 years of Star Trek
and the children section, "The Enormous Crocodile" was to celebrate 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl.
We thoroughly enjoyed our Well Dressing trail, it was inspirational!
We had intended fitting in a walk through tunnels and over viaducts, but we had started to run out of time.
Our final destination for the day was near Melton Mowbray, to take Teen One to a Young Peoples weekend.
Getting through Chesterfield and Nottingham through rush hour was no fun  (thank you sat nav..NOT!)
We finally got there around 7pm, by which time we were ready for some dinner, so bid her a hasty goodbye and then headed out to a restaurant we had passed on the way, and having eaten there before knew would be good.
Teen Two and I had excellent meals, 2 for £10.
Without Teen One with us, we didn't get such good value on Hubby's meal, but it was enjoyable none the less.
By the time we got back to our holiday cottage it was 10pm and we were ready for bed!


  1. phew - what a day. I didn't like the original bakewell tart so am glad that you did. Mind you - do I recall that jigsaw puzzle? I think that it was the same view that I painted on my art holiday!

    1. Was it really! How funny! Must look back later and see!