Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Freebies At Freshers Fair

Last night was one of those frustrating nights when I went to bed tired at 9.30pm and at 2.30am had not managed to drop off!
I did however finally drift off, only to wake at 5.40am!
I didn't get up, just tried to drift back again until 7am.
This morning my friend and I just had a slow start to the day, chatting, catching up with some chores whilst he surfed away an hour or so, then finally we went out for a walk along the seafront and an obligatory cup of tea.
Back home, after some lunch, I cracked on with getting dinner ready and making an apple crumble, whilst my friend relaxed in the sofa reading a book whilst listening to the cricket...except there wasn't much of either going on from what I heard!!
Teen Two came home early from Freshers Fair with bags a plenty, full of all sorts of freebies.
Her favourite two items are a pen that doubles up as an extending pointer and a bottle top opener...perfect for J2O's!
Our takeaway yesterday was delicious, although as I suspected way too much was ordered, so we will finish it off tonight.
Teen Two did have a slightly squiffy tummy this morning but as no one else did we don't think it was the food.


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    1. Well we are having a lot of issues in that direction at the moment so probably right!