Saturday, 24 September 2016

Family Technology Workshop

Today we travelled to the very pretty village of Datchet, near Heathrow.
It was the first time I had been there and thought what a pretty and well kept place it was, you could almost have been in the country, not so close to our busiest London airport!
The venue was a senior school, which was ideal, as there were plenty of room, tables, chairs, the use of the sports hall and also the field.
Our day was relaxed, with input from the two families who had researched and put together the information they felt most useful for Christian families.
It was presented in power point form, with plenty of interaction.
The notes will be sent to us soon and I will share bits and pieces which readers may find useful as soon as I can.
Lunch was delicious, with a selection of bought in sandwiches and wraps  (why do they always taste so much better when they are professionally made!?)
with cakes for dessert that had been provided by those of us attending.
There were plenty left overs and I was given a tray of Danish pastries etc....
...and a box of these white chocolate, raspberry and meringue shortcake delights...don't know if they were home made or bought, but they were delicious.
With our family lunch at church tomorrow these won't last long I know!
During the afternoon the kids were well entertained with games on the field, whilst us parents sat and chatted, exchanging helpful hints, sympathising with the various stages of parenting each other was at and generally encouraging each other.
The kids didn't need telling twice, when the call went out "Pizza's here!"
Having spent the afternoon sitting down, I barely felt like eating, but the kids had for sure worked up an appetite!
It was a great day and we were grateful for all the time others had given to make it happen.
"Giving thanks unto the Lord for He is good"

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  1. Problems are so much easier to solve when they are shared aren't they?