Thursday, 8 September 2016


This morning was our first Mother and Toddlers of the new term...which meant the first morning of having to get up at a particular time, with no lazing over a cuppa with my dressing gown on whilst hoo....I do love those mornings!
Teen One did a simple activity with the tots...we only had five today, compared to the dizzy heights of over thirty a few years ago, we hardly knew we had any children in!
I took the Teens for a thank you treat afterwards... for giving up their morning to come and help us...and can you believe I didn't buy myself one!
Who says I have no willpower??
I had Grandma and a Recycled Teenager with me....neither of whom had experienced the delights of a drive thru before, so it was quite an experience!!
Of course when I then went to pay with my contactless card, they didn't know what was going on!
I had stripped our bed this morning and the sheets were dry when we came home, so I thought I would just put them back on without bothering to iron them  (Shock! Horror!)
With the sheets off, my attention was somehow drawn to the collection of rubbish clutter
memorabilia under the bed.
I really shouldn't have looked, I should have just got on with the task in hand...making the bed...but a feeling of shame came over me...had it been THAT long since I had had a clear out?
Surely everything under there was needed?
Well....before I knew it I had pulled everything out...on my half of the bed at least!
Just where does the dust and fluff come from!
I decided I didn't need to keep every single card for the past decade, so sifted through keeping the home made ones and of course close family ones ( sorry friends and colleagues!)
I will cut the fronts off and they can be used at Friday Club.
The dust bunnies were nothing short of an embarrassment and I don't even know why I am humiliating myself so publically....
But here we are, a couple of hours later, with the  carpet clear and clean just the sun streaming in as a very welcome this time it isn't highlighted all the dust everywhere!
I also now know every single item that is under the bed.
Talking of bunnies...our summer visitors are still here...and very happy to be out of their hutch again....
...but I really don't know what they were thinking of when they starting munching on my garden broom!
Greens perhaps??
"This is the day that the Lord hath made we will rejoice and be glad in it"


  1. ah - the perils of looking under the bed - how I remember that one! Well done for resisting the temptation - diet starting then?

    1. four and not too many mishaps so far