Thursday, 22 September 2016

Currys Deliver!

This morning I received a text from Curry's saying our new church fridge freezer was being delivered between 8am-12pm.
My heart sank...because they had assured me on the phone last week it would be between 9am-1pm!
I started to organise myself for an earlier trip to church, but it meant messing up so many other peoples morning, I decided to take a chance and not leave until the planned 8.30am.
Its a short drive to church and I figured if they did arrive before I did, they could call me!
Just as we were clearing up from Mother and Toddlers at 11.15am the van arrived...perfect timing!!
The two Romanian drivers were very pleasant and one looked at our Bible verse poster and said "I love Jesus!"
As he went he said "good bye and God bless!"
So lovely!
We did offer them a cuppa but they were keen to get on to the next delivery.
So I am very pleased indeed that this little episode is behind us, and I must say, the fridge freezer looks much better than our previous one.
This afternoon has been spent, putting washing away...
...putting washing out....
....making a strawberry pavlova ( still in the oven)
as a mutual friend is coming for dinner and he loves strawberries...
...making a red thai chicken curry for dinner...I do cheat and use this Loyd Grosman jar sauce...I am not a lover of jar sauces, preferring the flavour of fresh ingredients, but this one is hard to beat!
I wait for it to be on special offer (£1) and then stock up.
I do add extra bits and pieces, such as lentils, sweet pointed peppers etc to make it go further.
Its a lovely evening and I suspect after dinner we will have a final sit out in the garden, before the evenings get too chilly and too short.
"God is faithful"

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