Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Boundless Energy and Mysteries Solved!

Today has been a very industrious day, it was one of those days when I woke up with seemingly boundless energy...or was I just trying to take my mind off the worry of Teen Two??
Anyway, which ever it was, the house benefitted as a result!
I started with all the usual first thing in the morning chores, then went on to cleaning the conservatory windows, inside....then out...then the kitchen windows...then the front windows...boy was I on a roll!
Thankfully it was still quite cool.
Next job was to make some playdough ready for Mother and Toddlers tomorrow.
I wasn't able to make it last week as I was missing one vital ingredient (oil) and made up a quick dough using just flour and water instead.
The tots LOVED it...adding flour as and when the dough got sticky, it was like real pastry for them.
It was huge success but one I wont repeat too often.....boy did they make a mess!
I was of course expecting it and honestly didn't mind, but for the comfort and ease of a quicker clear up, I shall reserve that treat for occasional use!
Here is my scrappy recipe!
For large quantities I use:
500g flour ( any)
750ml water
250g salt
5tsp cooking oil
5tsp cream of tartar
Food colouring ( I add this to the water for an even distribution)
For a smaller batch its:
100g flour
150ml water
50g salt
1 tsp cooking oil
1tsp cream of tartar
Food colouring
Add all the ingredients to a large pan and stir constantly over a medium heat until the mixture forms a large lump and comes away from the sides of the pan.
Leave to cool, then keep in an airtight tin...kept in the fridge it will last indefinitely.
I re do my every term  but have had home batches in the fridge for a year or two!
TOP TIP....leave the pan in soak then it will clean easily.
I went with orange food colouring today...very autumnal I thought.
With an unusual amount of energy still coursing through my veins, I dusted downstairs within an inch of its life, vacuumed, sorted dinner out, then had a call from a friend saying was I in for lunch.
I had a loaf of our favourite speciality bread in the freezer, cranberry and pumpkin seeds, so whipped that out, and by leaving it in the sun it managed to thaw out in time for her arrival.
With it being such a lovely day we were able to sit in the garden for lunch...oh and did I mention I cut the grass as well this morning!
We had a lovely catch up and just enjoyed the sounds of the birds and gentle hopping of the bunnies around our feet, whilst I crocheted a few granny squares.
All too soon it was time for my friend to go back to work...although she wished she could just spend the rest of the afternoon sitting in the garden with me...and I wouldn't have minded a couple of hours with her too!
With my friend back to work, I decided I would make the most of the sunshine and sort through my bags in the garden....I don't know how they get so cluttered so quickly, with things like tissues, receipts, sticky sweet wrappers and the like.
Boy was I glad I decided to do that little job...because look what I found!
My credit  card!!
I didn't even remember having a handbag with me that day, so didn't even think to look in there.
So, what a huge relief that was, whilst I knew I was safe from any fraudulent charges as I had cancelled it with the bank, I was worried that someone had enough information to get into mischief none the less.
But thankfully all is well and I am not quite as absentminded as I had thought I was, I did take it from the reader, but didn't put it back in my purse as I usually would.
With that worry off my mind and my bags nice and clutter free, I thought I would tackle the weeds in the garden....I had to smile at the bunny as I went out, for some reason he had jumped into the cat litter tray!
On sunny days I leave it in the garden ( hot litter tray in the conservatory is not the best of aromas!)
He obviously wasn't worried about what he could smell as he then proceeded to lie on his back and roll over  and give himself a good old dusting!
Two large bags of weeds later, it was time to take Teen One for her Meningitis ACWY vaccination.
Unusually we were back home before even our appointment time had come round!
Sometimes it pays to go early.
Back home I decided some sitting down chores were the order of the day
(can you guess the energy is flagging!)
I have been meaning to send my sister in law copies of photos I took at her BBQ earlier in the summer, uploading photos always takes an age ( for me anyway) so  I knew I would need about half an hour.
Before long Teen Two was home and whilst he had a better day, the person who called him a rude name yesterday made an unnecessary comment today, as Teen Two was leaving the chill out room at lunch time the person said "what the **** is he doing?"
I can only assume this person has some problems and have suggested to Teen Two he find somewhere else to go.
He is now the proud owner of an Ipad mini and has spent the last half hour with Teen One getting it set up.
Having an Apple Ambassador in the family has paid dividends today I can tell you!
With his Ipad up and running, Teen Two randomly asked if I had seen his comb.
His hair isn't usually long enough to need combing, but I keep putting off giving it a trim (really do need to get it done soon though!) so he must have felt it looked a mess at some point today and wanted to have his comb in his bag.
As its usually on a bits and bobs basket on the bookshelf by the mirror in the hall, we started looking there...nope...then I thought, well maybe it fell behind, so pulled the bookcase out, not only was the comb there, but the Mother and Toddler register I had lost back in February was also there!
I had the house upside down looking for that back in the winter, but could I find it!
So, two mysteries solved today!
Teen One and I are looking forward to Bake Off tonight, but a little worried as to what the powers that be are going to do to one of our favourite programmes!
As for the weekly challenge to bake something...sadly I ran out of energy today!!
"Come unto Me and be ye saved"

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  1. and relax ........ Mind you I love it when you have days like this and can really get on top of things!