Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bats In My Belfry?? No... Pythons In the Garage!

Starting with last night...I had come to the conclusion our pop up beach tent had really had its day.
Aside from the fact I have never mastered how to fold it down, so end up carrying it under my arm, half folded, with the "loaded" spring ready to explode from right under me at any minute....part of the wire was now poking outside of the seam.
I asked Hubby if it was in any way repairable and he said definitely not...that's good enough for me!
So, I thought I would squish it all into the tiny carry bag and put it out with the rubbish tomorrow....
ha ha ha!
I may have succeeded in getting the fabric in the bag...but the wire that I pulled out (hoping to coil up somehow then force into the bag, zip up, then make a hasty retreat) was  never ending!
It has gone twice round the perimeter of the garage!!
I cant believe so much came out.
There was no way I could tackle the thing by was like having a python in the garage with me, slipping and sliding all over the show! I struggled with it for half an hour and I am sure if my neighbours overheard they would have thought I had some deadly wildlife in there!
So when Hubby comes home, he can hopefully snip it up into manageable strips!
This morning was Mother and Toddlers, which kept us on our toes, then after lunch I started on some bits and pieces jobs.
Firstly, I had noticed the dehumidifiers were full up....I don't know how these work, but they are brilliant....I have one in each bedroom and the conservatory and downstairs loo.
I am always amazed at how much moisture is in the bedrooms...and these little pots certainly cut down on the wet windows and sills.
I usually buy them in Poundland...but saw the same size in Asda...four for £3, so that's one free!
I also use them in our church back hall, where the heating is not on regularly, and it has really helped with the damp problem we had.
I am never sure how long it takes to fill up with water, so today I dated the new ones. I am guessing 6months.
The next job to tackle was Teen One's room.
She always keeps it tidy, but the dusting is something only a brave person can tackle....she has Sooooooo many ornaments, its a nightmare!
However,  I was feeling brave today, so got straight in there and an hour later came out victorious!
Whether everything is in the right place, I have no idea...and I doubt she will know either!
I also took pity on a poor spider plant that was beyond pot bound and making a bid for freedom on her sill!
Its now in a lovely new pot, with four off spring also potted up.
It will soon be time for Teen Two's footy, but with Teen One having dropped piano for the time being, my evening won't be quite so hectic.
All I need now, is to find my crafting mojo...I appear to have left it in the Peak District!
"In the shadow of Thy wings will I rejoice"


  1. in terms of a crafting mojo - yesterday I saw a local wool shop offering a "Block of the month" course to knit a series of blocks, using different techniques and then sewing up into a blanket. I haven't got time this side of Christmas but how about doing some thing between ourselves after Christmas? I sure have enough wool to use up!!

    1. yep....lets give it a go, I'd be happy to start it over Christmas when we meet up, sounds like a great idea.

    2. lets collate some ideas and share at Christmas x

    3. Okey doke, any particular size in mind for each square?