Friday, 16 September 2016

Back To The Old Routine

This morning I was up early, to get a few bits done, and a casserole put in the slow cooker, ahead of taking Teen One to Datchet.
I wasn't really looking forward to the drive as I had to use the M25.
What I hate about the M25 is there is always an accident reported and I always dread being involved in one.
Also, its like hitting the London traffic early...every one drives that extra bit faster and madder!
Today however, I was very thankful the Lord sent rain!
It meant the traffic was reduced to 40mph, but we rarely got out of third gear and the signs said
Great...I didn't even have to think about that kind of driving!
After a quick cuppa it was time to hit the road again, I didn't want
to get caught in the middle of the Friday afternoon traffic and had shopping to do on the way home too.
Thankfully my journey was hassle free and I was back home soon after 2pm, complete with shopping, so had time for a quick breather before thinking about Friday Club.
Our story tonight at Friday Club was Daniel chapter 1, where Daniel and his three friends refused to eat the kings food, asking for vegetables instead.
So for our activity I thought we would do something fun and messy..veggie printing.
I am useless at free carving potatoes so for years have been using cookie cutters to create the shape.
It works really well.
Most of my potatoes were on the small side, so I had to  cut them length ways, which didn't leave much height for holding I used sweetcorn holders, which were ideal for the job.
As well as potatoes I used kiwi, pear, carrot , broccoli stalks, celery and pear.
One of the girls worked out that the celery made a great love heart!
The kids really enjoyed the activity...I remember as a child longing to do this, having seen it in a Puffin activity book I had...but we never had paints at home....however we always had plenty of wool, so maybe that's why I love anything yarny so much, as an adult!
Remember me saying I had sorted out some old birthday cards the other day?
Well I thought of a way to use them...I have done something like this before and it was always popular.
Its really simple, just punch holes all the way need to have exact spacing in between ( no child as ever moaned at me yet!)
I usually use wool  for threading through (as I always have plenty!) but today used some craft ribbon ( a bit like raffia) I had bought in Lidl for 99p and it really worked well.
I had prepared it as an extra activity for the older kids and it was very popular.
So here we are back to the old routine, its like we have never been away!
"Every good gift and every perfect gift cometh down from above"