Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A New Era For Teen Two

Today was the start of a new era...a new more independent Teen Two, setting our for college for the first time.
He awoke early and was a little nervous, but not any more so than any one of us would be if we were starting a new job.
After a few chores, it was time for Teen One and I to catch up with some friends and  Little Cutie who we haven't seen for some weeks.
When little ones start to go all silly, you just know there is a nap due...
...and pretty soon after, she flaked out into her mummy's arms, but put her hand out to hold Teen One's....ahhhh!
Back home again, it was time for some ironing and general cleaning.
I went up into the guest room in the attic, to get it ready for  a friend coming at the weekend...with the dormers and windows open it was lovely and cool...I didn't want to come back downstairs and think about dinner I can tell you!
I had planned to make chilli with cornbread topping....then remembered I had some packets of corn muffin mix, I had brought home from the US earlier this year...I am fairly sure it will taste more or less the same, so saved myself a bit of bother making the topping from scratch.
Lets see if anyone notices!
Teen Two has arrived home and had an "okay" day.
I guess being away from school for so many months now, he has forgotten what foul language so many kids use these days, despite the teacher laying ground rules say no swearing,
it appears a lot of it went on.
We have tried to encourage him to turn a deaf ear to it and if it becomes too intolerable to mention it to the LSA, but hopefully someone else will pick up on it first.
After a long summer break, no doubt many of them are testing the boundaries and feeling the need to exert their new "grown up" status...although of course really its just a sign of immaturity!
The bunnies have had the right idea this afternoon, in all this heat....just chill!
Update on yesterday's lost items...Teen Two found the phone within minutes of the blog being published but alas the card is still nowhere to be seen.
"Unto Him who hath loved us and washed us from sin, unto Him be the glory forever Amen"


  1. I did wander if tis new course might have more than their fair share of miscreants! However Teen 2 has survived the first day - well done x

    1. Me too! The worst offender wasn't in his class as it turns out...said something very unpleasant to him for no reason, have encouraged him to tell someone....suspect the other person may be disturbed, but not nice on your first day!