Monday, 19 September 2016

A Bunnies And Broadband Crisis!

Today has been full of unusual happenings, not a usual sort of Monday at all!
It did start out usual, with a visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager, with my friend who is staying for the week and Teen Two in tow.
We went to Morrisons as usual, then with the shopping put away I set to making some apricot and chilli chutney to accompany tonight's gammon.
I haven't made this for years, and as our friend is a real chilli lover, I replaced the cayenne pepper with a red chilli.

We had homemade sweet potato and lentil soup for lunch, after which I put the gammon in to cook slowly, with some onions, split peas and garlic, to make more soup for tomorrow's lunch...our partially retired friend LOVES soup!
It was as I was in the middle of this that the first crisis of the day occurred...the electrics went!
Thankfully the kitchen is on a different circuit.
I went and put the switch back up...but they went again...this time I saw one of the smaller units went down as well as the main switch....on checking the label it was the garage where the problem was.
That's odd I thought, we only have the freezer in the garage.
I went down there...nope...the freezer was not on...I had only been there minutes before hand so wondered if I had somehow done something...then I heard a noise....and out from under the tool boxes that had blocking access to the back of the freezer hopped one of the bunnies!!!
I worked out pretty quickly what had happened...and couldn't believe bunny was still here to tell the tale!
My friend came out and tipped back the freezer (which is full to capacity!) to check for evidence of my suspicions..and true enough, what he saw was shredded cable and exposed wiring!!
Had this happened when we were away we would have lost everything in the freezer and possibly the bunny too!
So poor Hubby has to come home early and see if he can do something with the wiring.
I am hoping with the freezer being kept shut my food will be ok for a few hours.
If not its a quick trip round to Grandma!
What  a lot of hassle and what a lucky bunny!
With the problem contained  (bunnies locked out of the garage for the moment) I carried on with dessert for tonight, flapjack with apple and blackberry was this fruit I had just got from the freezer when the crisis occurred!
I place a layer of flapjack on the bottom, then a layer of fruit, then a final layer of flapjack...
....its a scrummy dessert and also lovely for breakfast.
I then got on with some laundry whilst my friend took a nap in the conservatory.
Having woken refreshed,  he wanted to take a trip to PC World.
He had problems accessing the internet at his daughters yesterday and as he is calling in to see her on the way back to Hull at the end of the week, he was keen to buy a dongle so he can fulfil his weatherman duties online.
It appeared to be very easy transaction, the salesman guided him to just what he wanted and we thought within minutes we would be out of the door and off collecting Teen Two who we had left at the gym.
How wrong can you be!!
To cut an hours long story short, my friend was not accepted for an £11 monthly contract, despite being in employment with no debts and an existing EE customer.
He was on the point of leaving without the product when I said would my card work...which it did, despite not being an EE customer and not being in employment!
After a few more technical hitches we were able to leave the store and then collect Teen Two.
Back home problems continued and three hours later they are still unresolved!
We are going to visit the EE shop in town tomorrow and see if we can get it sorted, if not the broadband crisis will continue a while longer when he leaves us.
It has been a rather trying day in some ways, and yet in others we have had laughs and are looking forward to the next few days for a few more and hopefully less hassle.
Hubby has come home early to try and resolve the freezer crisis...I am hoping my food is still ok!
Teen One enjoyed her first day at Freshers Week and looking at her timetable will have Monday's as a study day, so both the Teens will be home on Monday for the foreseeable will be a lovely long weekend for them and I will rearrange my routine to enjoy it with them!
"O taste and see that the Lord is good"