Thursday, 18 August 2016

What "A" Result! was of course all about the A level results for Teen One.
I don't know how many times I woke up in the night...way too many!
Whilst I knew she had worked really hard, spent so many evenings revising, going in for extra tuition, resitting two AS exams (which paid off!) there are no grades given for effort, so if you have a bad day on the exam day, that's it!
I read on the BBC website that students could log onto the "track" on the UCAS website and see if they had thumbs up email from their chosen uni, so was eager for Teen One to wake up!
What a lovely moment it was when she logged in and had the all important email!
So from that moment on it didn't matter to me what her grades were, they were good enough for the Uni so good enough for me!
She had arranged to meet a friend at college, and like a sensible parent I stayed several paces behind,  not wanting to cramp her style or be the only parent there!
I didn't venture into the hall with her, just peaked round to preserve the moment for  Hubby, who of course misses out on these momentous moments.
Even when she was opening the envelope I stayed discretely out of the way...but secretly longing to be her friend peeking over her shoulder!
When she turned around her face said it all, it was exactly as she had predicted
Whilst her course had required BBC, it obviously wasn't a concern to them that she was a grade down.
The relief was immense for me as the course was way over subscribed and very hard to get on to.
I had imagined in the night that we would be going through clearing, but thankfully that hasn't been the case and I am so thankful that all her hard work over so many years has paid off.
I can't tell you how many nights she spent sitting at the dining room table  whilst we sat and relaxed in the living room...I used to feel so guilty...but it has been worthwhile and she now has the excitement of a new path to walk in September.
Such an occasion of course deserves some celebrating so Teen One was given the choice of where to was her favourite American Diner, staring with a banana and peanut butter milkshake....
...followed by a Mexican chicken burger.
When we bought her Pandora bracelet for her 18th Birthday, the thought was we would buy her a new charm on each special today was the first such occasion, she chose one from "Poetic Blooms" her favourite collection.
After  wander through the shops, we drove home the scenic route...which was very warm and sunny...and just happened to pass a McDonalds ( total coincidence I promise you!)
So we just had to treat ourselves to a chilled drink!
For Teen Two and I it was a repeat of yesterday ( I had water at the diner so that's good isn't it??)
and Teen One chose an iced strawberry lemonade.
We stopped off by the waters edge to admire the view, the stillness of the water and slowly sip our iced drinks.
It was VERY hot and  I suspect we could the sun a bit.
Teen Two practised his stone skimming techniques, whilst Teen One and I chatted about her up and coming course.
She is so excited.
Having been on the Uni tours with her I must say I am a tad envious!
The classrooms she will be taught in look just like primary school classes ( which I am always in awe of ) and will be stepping back in time to learn how primary school children learn.
It's been such a relaxing afternoon and so different to the scenarios I had in my head last night!
Teen Two will get his moment of glory this time next week.
No matter what his GCSE results, he too has done his best despite many obstacles brought on by his language disorder and auditory memory ( at 1percentile its amazing he remembers anything poor lad!)
So no matter what, we will be proud of him and wish there were grades for effort!
On our fossil hunting afternoon yesterday he saw some fishermen and having gone fishing with school once said he would like to have a go again.
In Sports Direct we saw this Sea fishing kit going cheap so thought we would give it a go.
We have plenty of places nearby to do this, and never miss an opportunity to get out in the open air and away from the screens!
I just need to bone up on what bait we need...or maybe I shall just leave this to is after all a blue job!
Thursday August 18, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.


  1. definitely a blue job!! well done teen 1 - now you can start planning!

  2. I can feel the excitement from here!!!!!! Very very well done teen one. Another phase of your life about to start!!!!!! Out with the old and on with the new - but keep those memories. Xxxx