Thursday, 11 August 2016

Table Service At McDonalds...Whatever Next!

This morning I drove Teen One into work as usual, cracked on with some housework and then received a text from her saying could I pick her up....her little charge had been sent home and is unlikely to come back.
Whilst he had started to improve his behaviour with the strategies Teen One had put in place, it seems complaints from other children to their parents have a lot of weight behind them, so it has been decided he cannot come.
Very sad, but I can see it from both sides.
So, Teen One had an unexpected day off and tomorrow also.
I dropped Teen Two off at the gym whilst I went to visit one of my Recycled Teenagers.
It was an unannounced visit so no surprise she wasn't in.
At lunch time Teen Two and I headed down to our Beans on Toast project.
We had a couple of lads come for fourths!!
They were very quiet and withdrawn....scruffy clothes and dirty... one of the play workers said she often asked what they had for tea the previous night and it wasn't uncommon for them not to have had anything.
So this project is at the very least getting to some of the kids who really would otherwise go hungry for the summer.
Its hard to believe  there are kids living so close to us, who live such sad and so very different lives to my own kids.
One shudders to think what their home life is like.
Teen One also did some fruit prep, he had really enjoyed the project and I hope something like it is running next year.
A  new McDonalds opened up  a few miles from us, so we thought we would try it even offers table service!!
We had a lovely leather sofa to sit on.... game stations for Teen Two to try out...
...textile styled wallpaper for me to admire...
...whilst indulging in my secret guilty pleasure...a Cadbury's dairy milk McFlurry!
We popped into my aunts to drop something off, then went for a walk round a local castle.
Teen Two couldn't resist the urge of throwing stones in...
...and went down to the shore in search of some really large rocks to throw in.
As we headed back to the car, Teen Two spotted some dandelions in the moat, so collected a few for the bunnies...who munched them all up as soon as we got home!
It will soon be piano lessons for Teen One and then I am looking forward to a quiet night in.
Thursday August 11, 2016
Today's Promise:
   For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

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