Friday, 12 August 2016

Impromtu Family Moments To Treasure

This morning I tackled something I have been trying to get to all the car!
I still haven't braved it to take it to  anyone else to do...but its fast becoming a chore so I may well take the plunge!
I cant believe how quickly it gets dirty, and how many stones and the like I had to hoover out, but then I guess we do get out and about a lot.
As Teen One didn't have to work today, we decided to meet Hubby after work and go to see "Finding Dory"
We enjoyed it as much as "Finding Nemo" and the mini film before it "Piper" was really heartwarming.
It was our turn for church cleaning this week, so headed straight into town to do that... and then as it was such a lovely evening, I suggested we cook some pizza and then take it to the beach...which was hailed as a great idea by the rest of the family.
It was wrapped in foil, a tea towel and then put in a cool bag and was still piping hot when we opened it about 15mins later!
Dessert was watermelon...
...and toasted marshmallows.
I wish I had thought to take some chocolate digestives then we could have indulged in the US treat of "s'mores"
I like to keep a couple of these small disposable BBQ's in the garage, they are great for impromptu moments like this.
Inspired by something we saw at Harvester Restaurants, we tried watermelon on the BBQ...Teen One didn't much like the charcoal bits of marshmallow and was disappointed we didn't achieve the criss cross marks.
I rather like the melon warm though...sweet and refreshing.
Last year we visited a cousin who had a Swingball in the garden.
Teen Two really enjoyed it and I thought it would be a good idea to buy one sometime, but promptly forgot about it!
Today we saw one reduced in a shop window so made one of those impulse purchases that hopefully will bring a lot of fun for all the family.
Teen Two set to putting it together...
...and before long was enjoying a game with his dad.
I always wanted one of these as a child, whenever the TV ad came on with the scene of a happy family playing together I used to long for the game...but I wonder if it was more the happy family I actually hankered after....well I have both now!
I was pretty rubbish at it today...and Teen One found it easier without a partner, maybe I need to practise that way!
We then indulged in a game of stone throwing...trying to knock over a plastic bottle...
..we were surprisingly good at it and Hubby was up and down like a yo yo...then we thought it fairer to say whoever knocked it over had to put it back up.
Next up was a stone pile building competition...this was my weeny attempt....
...Hubby took it far more seriously and collect the biggest stone he could find ( that was my mistake...looking for flat ones instead of big ones!)
In any other competition Teen One would have been the winner...
...but we had failed to relay to Teen Two clearly enough that it was supposed to be one stone upon another...however you have to admire his lateral thinking!
So his pile was pronounced the winner!
We could hear the Red Arrows in the distance, for Cowes week we understand, then Hubby saw a Tornedo fly past, so whilst the Teens played Frisbee, he took time out to take some photos....
...I tried to crochet a granny square or two...but it was too windy so I abandoned the idea and just sat watching the family have fun.
It was lovely to do have the opportunity to do something impromptu, usually our lives are regimented by term time commitments, so moments like these are always special and ones I treasure.

Friday August 12, 2016
Today's Promise:
   It shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.


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