Saturday, 6 August 2016

"I'm 'Enery The Eighth I Am..."

This morning started with beautiful blue skies...perfect for all the outdoorsy things we had planned.
First off was a visit to where the First Fleet left for Australia.
This piece of sculpture marks the spot.
There are informative plaques nearby...which put my cousins history lessons into doubt as to the exact dates good old google is going to be busy tonight!
We then went to look out to the Solent....its always good having Hubby with us as he is a mine of information, and my cousin always has 101 interesting questions that I have a) never considered b) don't know the answer to!
Teen Two had his binoculars with him, which proved very useful...
...there is always so much to see in the Solent.
From there we moved on to one of Henry V111 castles.
We were able to explore tunnels...
...peek through gun ports...
....have a little history lesson...
...check out the lighthouse...
...dress up as a peasant...
...or even a king...
...and if you have seen BFG you will get the pose Teen Two was adopting!
Of course no day out is complete with a we had lunch in the castle, with a lovely chai latte for some of us and yet another luxury hot chocolate for Teen Two!
Teen One, my cousin and I shared this platter, which consisted of roast garlic, olives ( not a fan of them though) chick pea fritters,  a mushroom and cheese something or other (!....very tasty) artichoke and cheese dip, cream cheese stuffed peppers, fresh granary bread.
The whole thing was a very delightful experience.
We then headed north for a whistle stop tour of Winchester....
...our main purpose was to visit the Great Hall...
...where the legendary Round Table of King Arthur is housed.
Whether  this is all legend or not....the table was used by Henry VIII so has that creditation if nothing else!
There is a pretty garden outside,  a replica of Queen Eleanor's one (wife of Henry III)
My cousin really loves history and has a very enquiring today has been interesting and informative for her.
The Teens always loved these penny souvenir machines and we have quite a collection at home...I was  surprised Teen Two wanted a go...
...and delighted that it prompted my cousin to also make a specials souvenir of the day.
It was a very full day, which ended with a meal indulgent is that....and then a couple of hours playing games this evening.
We have been blessed with wonderful weather and no doubt all the fresh air will help us sleep well tonight!
Saturday August 6, 2016
Today's Verse:
   The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

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