Wednesday, 24 August 2016

"I Will Make You Fishers Of Men"

Teen Two has been keen to try out some fishing...spurred on by a successful fishing trip at school some years ago.
I knew right from the beginning it was not going to be a walk in the park!
Last night, we headed down to the local harbour to get some idea of how to work the fishing rod.
Hubby Youtubed some info, spoke to a colleague at work, and well...generally winged it!
Teen One and I snuggled up under the picnic blanket, it was surprisingly breezy down there...
we enjoyed the lovely colours the sky turned as the sun set... really was a very pleasant way to spend the evening... did get dark rather quickly though...and we soon learnt why nearby fishermen had lamps on their heads....the tackle gets tangled very easily and trying to sort it in the dark is no easy task!
A restaurant on the island opposite lit up later on, it was so pretty, Teen One and I really enjoyed looking out on the reflection in the sea.
So this morning, armed with lots of advice from Hubby, who had kindly threaded up the rod for us last night, we set off full of anticipation that we might have freshly caught mackerel for tea tonight
(well I can dream cant I!)
I ought to add...having dropped Teen One off at work, I had a call half way home to say her little charge was not she was able to join us for the adventure.
We chose a quiet spot and whilst Teen Two was fishing, Teen One tested out the water.
The fishing did not go to amount of casting got the line anywhere further than the shore!
I saw a family walk by....and the dad had a fishing after a desperate plea for help he very happily came and showed us where we were going wrong!
The errors are too long to list, but if I start with the hooks were the wrong way round, the weight was in the wrong place, the drag tension had not been set...well you get the idea don't you!
Having started us off with a brilliant cast, he recommended leaving the rod propped up and just keeping an eye on the tip for any movement...
...which left Teen Two time to join his sister in the water with his body board....
...some rock pooling...Teen One found some pretty sea anenomes....
...some sand castle building... for me, it was a bit of brain training...
...and of course a spot of crocheting....
...whilst Teen One indulged in a short spot of sunbathing....
..before we had our picnic lunch, with the highlight for me being a jar of rhubarb I had cooked up this morning...looks like something the Teens had just pulled out of the sea doesn't it!
But believe me it was delicious and refreshing!
By 1pm we decided it really was too hot to be on the beach any longer so packed up for home.
Sadly not only did we not catch anything for tea...we lost the tackle!!
The Bible says, as Christians we should be "fishers of men" and I think that's where our fishing adventures are going to have to remain as we clearly are not cut out for catching fish!
They say confession is good for the double confessions must be really good huh!
Not only did I indulge in another McDonalds Caramel Frappe this afternoon ( well it was VERY HOT outside!)....I introduced Hubby to the delights last night...before going fishing we bought him one and a McFlurry for Teen One who of course hadn't been part of the treat Teen Two and I had enjoyed earlier in the day.
But you've got to give me some credit... I did content myself with the odd cheeky slurp of Hubby's frappe rather than buy myself another one!
Wednesday August 24, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.

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  1. ahem - ANOTHER frappe? Taking out shares? Seriously - sounds like a lovely day!