Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Fossil Hunting, Crocheting and A Little Frappe Indulgence!

Today started with no particular plans in mind, just get Teen One to work as usual and then take the day as we found it.
Whilst I cracked on with some washing and paperwork, Teen Two indulged in some bunny hugging...we sure are going to miss these fellas when they go!
With the washing on the line and paperwork in the post, we walked round to Grandma's to check on her lawn.
She is away visiting her other grandchildren at the moment, so we thought it would be a nice surprise to come home to the garden all neat and tidy.
Teen Two did a great job.
Last week my aunt asked Hubby if he could take a look at her new blu ray DVD player.
Sadly it was defunct and even sadder she had bought it a few years ago and not bothered to get the shop in to fix it.
It was of course well out of its warranty date so asked if we could take it to the dump.
That seemed rather sad for a new looking piece of equipment, so I advertised it on the Facebook given freely page...making it clear it didn't actually work, but might just be a connector issue, and within minutes I had a response and it is now in the hands of someone who hopefully can give it a new lease of life.
I do love giving things like this away instead of just going to landfill.
Teen Two and I then headed on out for a spot of fossil hunting
whilst he tapped away at various stones I wiled away the time crocheting and enjoying the view
he found a slab to break open the rocks with, and whilst he didn't find any fossils, it did get us out  of the house for the afternoon ...
...and he did find some pretty crystals inside some of the rocks, which will now adorn our garden.
On the way to the beach, I treated him to a McDonalds, sadly the machine for making milkshakes was broken, so I offered to share the Caramel frappe I had decided to try out.
I don't usually buy a drink there, but it was so hot and this looked so inviting I thought "why not!"
Well Teen Two rather liked it so it didn't quite work out a 50/50 share!
All the time he was tapping away at the beach, the empty cup was in the car, with the scent wafting passed me with every breeze.
Sitting there for a good two and a half hours I built up quite a thirst with all that
...on the way home we went via McDonalds and bought another one!!
How shocking is that!!
This time I had it all to myself and Teen Two tried out the Belgian Chocolate and Honeycomb one.
He preferred the chocolate one, but for me the caramel won.
How indulgent was that aye!
We shall have to be good for the next day or two.
 I hadn't been home many minutes when a market research lady knocked the door...would I answer some questions in return for £3.
As I knew the lady and knew no personal information was taken, I thought...why not, at the very least it will pay for my frappe indulgence!
Tomorrow is of course a big day for students...A level results!
Whatever the results for Teen One, she worked her little socks off, so we will be happy no matter what but of course there are implications for not getting the required grades...its going to be a long night!
Wednesday August 17, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   He that trusteth in his riches shall fall: but the righteous shall flourish as a branch.


  1. I can still remember those times!!!!! Such a lot depends on those results!!! As you say she couldn't have worked any harder, please let us know as soon as you can. Xxxxx

  2. My hopes and good wishes are flying in your direction. I really hope that Teen one gets the results she wants xx