Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Enjoying The Summer Sun

With Teen One needing to be at work for 8.30am, there is no lie in for a few days, but it does mean we have lovely long days.
Having dropped Teen One off, Teen Two and I headed out to see one of my Recycled Teenagers.
She is an early riser, so I knew we would find her up and true enough, by the time we arrived at 8.45 she had done some gardening and painted her front window sill...at the spritely age of 86!
I asked if she would like to go and see a new part of the seafront, which has seen some regeneration going on in recent months and she was very eager, which delighted me.
So we took a walk along, admiring the craft workshops which have been newly installed.
Some very inspiring work I must say.
Part of the old city defences have been refurbished and turned into a café...very stylish it was too...and as one customer was overheard to say "it won't need much upkeep will it!"
 I loved this offering of free chilled water, infused with citrus and mint leaves.
There was a selection of seating, and as it was rather warm outside we opted for inside seating...
...and managed to get a table with a lovely view...
...Teen Two had his binoculars with him so was able to see far off to the busy horizon...
...whilst my Recycled Teenager and I enjoyed a cuppa and catch up.
I loved the mini milk bottle the milk came in.
The tea pot was also the same as one from last weeks tea shop...they are excellent pourers....no drip catchers needed for this style that's for sure!
We then ventured on top of the tower to admire the view, I wasn't sure my friend was going to make it, but she was eager to attempt it and did so successfully, although I suspect that will be her worn out for the rest of the week!
Having taken the no doubt worn out  dear lady home, Teen Two and I headed home for some lunch in the garden and a spot of crocheting.
We then filled the car with bags of soil and rubble from a clear out a few weeks ago and made the now familiar trip to the dump.
The space we parked in had some crab apples lying in the gutter, so I picked them up for the bunnies...who thoroughly enjoyed them...but insisted on eating the same one, stealing it from each other then running off with it!

I had convinced myself the bunnies didn't like pansies....since they haven't bothered with ones I recently planted...wrong!
They have munched their way through almost an entire tub and also a small patch in the garden, as well as some verbena a friend gave me!
Oh well...the roots will still be intact so there is still the chance of some blooms later on, if not...well they have given us enough entertainment to not worry too much about a few flowers.
Should we ever get our own, we shall have to ensure we only buy tall flowering plants!
The dump trip was, as always, a hot one, so to cool down, Teen Two and I took our cold drinks into the garden and played Rummikub...I thought I was going to beat him this time, but nope...he retained his crown!
Tuesday August 16, 2016
Today's Promise:
   ...the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


  1. I feel your pain - my "stash reducing" quilt needed more fabric to finish it grrrr!

  2. Another lovely day! You seem to have so many nice placees to visit near you.
    I have discovered a nice place for afternoon tea. Mad Henrys Afternoon tea. Bideford. We are hoping to try it soon!!xxx

    1. It looks lovely :) just my kind of place! x