Saturday, 20 August 2016

Disappointment Followed By Rainbows

We had been looking forward to today for a couple of reasons....firstly Teen One had her theory driving test...whilst tests aren't something always to be looked forward to, this one is kind of different as it means she can then take her practical driving test...nerve wracking none the less but what a great achievement at the end of it.
So after much revision and then getting up early this morning...paying oodles of money into the parking meter , it was a huge disappointment to be told the server was down at the centre, so no tests today!
Well there wasn't anything to be done but come back home and get ready for the next part of the day, visiting relatives near London.
I had got up early to get the jam jar puds together.
I have learnt NOT to fill them....they are surprisingly filling and most folk want to sample more than one so half filling is best.
From left to right we have
Oreo Sundae
Eton Mess
Chocolate Muffin and Marshmallow Sundae
Strawberry shortcake
Rainbow jelly
Millionaire Sundae
Lemon Drizzle and Blueberry Sundae
I must confess, last night I was having doubts about the jelly...not only was it a fad..I had left it too late to get all the layers done comfortably, so was having to go down to the freezer in the garage in the cold, dark, rainy evening, trying to speed up the setting process.
I thought to myself...I bet the kids wont even like the jelly!
How wrong I was...and it wasn't the kids who went for sixty something second cousin LOVED jelly!
Her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she had two straight off!
Everyone else was just as thrilled with the selection...which is something that is good about doing these desserts, you can offer a wide selection, without having loads of left overs.
The Dorset Apple cake I had over baked yesterday didn't look so bad this morning and with a liberal sprinkling of sugar was quite passable.
It was the number one choice for several, who then came back for seconds and thirds.
So all in all I hit on the right selection of desserts.
My cousin cooks up a storm and today we had BBQ food...with not a beef burger in sight!
It was all delicious with choices galore.
She puts me to shame!
Now when I say she cooks up a it was slightly different.
She had intended we have an outdoor BBQ but the weather did not play ball, so she assigned Hubby and her son in law to do the meat cooking....not really Hubby's "thing" so he was mighty pleased the son in law was more at home in the kitchen than he!
Hubby was a bit happier when I mentioned we used a cooking probe at home a lot these cousin produced one from the drawer and Hubby was more confident knowing there was now less chance of him giving some one food poisoning!
She is a big QVC shopper and her newest purchases included "Georgie Boy" a robot vacuum who is treated rather like a was hilarious!
He is going to have to work hard to pay for his keep though!!
Her other purchase was this delightful little "shed" which houses garden cute!
With the epic meal time over, I sat and did some crocheting, whilst my cousin and her brother had a rather heated discussion....all very common place!
The youngest member of the family was interested in my crocheting and wanted to I started her off with some finger knitting.
I vividly remember teaching her mum to do it at the same age!
Before long she had made a piece long enough to be a hair braid...she then added some beads to the bottom and eagerly started to make another one for a friend.
Teen Two had taken along his electronic snap on circuit set...which was very much enjoyed by his younger cousin.
My cousin was very impressed with it and wants to buy one for when the grandchildren are round.
The weather deteriorated as the afternoon went on, but we were treated to a rainbow at one point.
We did feel sorry for the neighbours who had a birthday party going on, with around 50 people in the garden...goodness knows how they fitted them all in the house when the rain descended!
It was soon time to be heading home, but not empty cousin has been into veggir and fruit growing this year ( yes via QVC!) and was eager for us to take home some of her runner beans, so they will make a great addition to tomorrows lunch.
Saturday August 20, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

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