Monday, 22 August 2016

Back To Normality...But Oh For A Cuppa And Some Crocheting!

Today started, thankfully, as normal!
Nobody was ill and although Teen One still has a cold, it hasn't got any worse, so she was able to go to work today.
Teen Two and I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager, then the usual visit to Morrisons.
I noticed en route that a new building which has been underway for several months is going to be a new Costa!
I love Costas and so do the Teens. For once its not in a shopping centre but in a slightly out of town development, close to home, where parking is free!
Can't wait for it to be open!
After lunch I decided I had to tackle a job I had been putting off for way too long...sorting Teen Two's wardrobe.
It had become a bit of a dumping ground...and hands up...I was the guilty party!
So this afternoon I sorted through clothes that had been passed on but he has never worn...
 bagged up empty boxes I had stashed away in there...because you are supposed to keep all boxes, makes the item worth more when you sell it...well whoever made up that rule must have had an enormous house to store it all in, I have decided our house is just not big enough for all the boxes we to the recycling bin it was for them!
We also went through his old school books together, kept any that he wanted and binned the rest ( part first tore out the unused pages!)
We had a large bin bag full by the end of it...that felt good to throw away!
With the floor finally clear I was able to give it a thorough vacuum, and with all the Lego having been picked up from under the table (thanks Teen Two) I even managed to clean under that for a change!
His wardrobe door now closes and he only has things in there that are his!
I did think about sorting out his Lego table....but too much thinking is bad for you isn't I left the room quickly before any damage was done!

As I made a hasty retreat I had a text come through from Teen One....she was finishing at 3pm today instead of 5pm so could I come early.
Now she had sent the text at 11.50am but the rubbish signal for my phone meant I didn't receive it until 2.30pm....just time enough to hang out some washing then nip out and collect her.
I waited and waited in the car park, sent her a text ( but knew if she was still working she wouldn't have her phone with her) waited some more, then after half an hour sent another text saying I was going home.
I had just pulled up outside the house guessed it....she was out!
So back I went again...what a waste of an hour!
It wasn't her fault, the mother had said she would come at 3pm but didn't come till 3.30pm and staff are not allowed to have their phones with them when they are with the children, so she couldn't contact me.
Hey least I had half an hour sit down and listen to the radio...but a cuppa and my crocheting would have made it so much more pleasurable!
Monday August 22, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.


  1. Pleased to hear teen two feels better today. A bit of a frustrating afternoon for you!! Just think how much worse it would have been when there were no mobile phones.!!!xxx

    1. Just think - a new Costa could mean a costa travel mug and then you will be prepared!