Saturday, 13 August 2016

Another Gadget For Hubby!

This morning started the way all Saturdays alarm and a cup of tea and biccies in bed!
Hubby was on a mission to bring his car into the 21st century...fitting a rear view camera.
We knew it was probably going to take most of the morning, and like these things do, it took most of the day!
However, whilst Teen One snoozed away the morning in bed, Teen Two and I cracked on with some pleasant chores...
...firstly was to make a quick and easy dessert for tomorrow...mousse.
We used to have this as kids, evaporated milk whisked to a creamy froth, then half a pint of diluted jelly added.
Leave to set and you have a delicious light dessert, perfect for the summer.
One tin and one jelly filled 6 large dessert bowls.
Next up was a sit in the garden to peel some apples we had found last week ( did I mention that??)
in the car park of a Harvester restaurant.
Its always surprising how long it takes, and trying to keep the sliced apples from going brown is always a problem, but not one I worry overly about, the taste is never affected.
I do add a small amount of vinegar to water and store the apples in there till they are all peeled, but even that doesn't stop the chemical reaction.
By the time they are in a pie and covered with custard no one will notice!
My windfall gathering gave me three large bags to freeze and a small one, which will be ideal for making apple sauce.
The bunnies had a nibble at the apple peel and cores but being cookers probably found them a tad sharp....they preferred the lobelia...which has been seriously depleted!
Hubby brought out part of the car console he had needed to remove, to get access for the wiring, he gave Teen Two the job of giving it a good old clean...
We noticed that the alleyway had a lot of dandelions, so out went Teen Two to collect them for the bunnies...they really are living the high life here!
What with apples and dandelions, they will need a work out tonight to burn off the calories!
The swingball made an appearance early afternoon...
...and even though we have a tiny garden, we managed to find a central place where the ball had free reign...almost anyway, we did have to move some washing and higher the line!
I enjoyed watching it all from the comfort of the gazebo, with some crocheting to hand.
Teen One busied herself in the kitchen, making tiffin for tomorrow's tea....but had a bit of a disaster trying to open the new pack of raisins!!!
You know how it is when you put all your might into opening those packets, then all of a sudden....they explode everywhere!
A pair of scissors is the order of the day next time!
The bunnies and gerbils like dried fruit we have since found out....lucky them!
The afternoon turned rather warm and sitting in the gazebo was so comfy and relaxing, I must confess to losing an hour (or so???) out there!
By 3.30pm Hubby came in triumphant that he had finally fitted the rear view camera.
So of course we needed to try it out!
When we were courting Hubby was always fitting gadgets to his car and this really reminded me of those days!
We drove out to my favourite tea rooms and indulged in some late afternoon tea.
The weather was perfect for sitting outside and the walled garden is so pretty to look out on.
We then went for a walk through the estate of the large house the tea shop is part of... was very relaxing walking through the cool woods, with the sun so low.
I thought these tree roots, growing over brickwork looked rather strong must that tree be! Nature really is a force to be reckoned with.
Teen Two found a stick for the walk, as usual, and brought it home to peel off the bark with his new penknife.
He spent a long time out in the garden doing it and even swept up the mess he had made!
It's been another lovely family day  with some lovely weather to enjoy it with.
Saturday August 13, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


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