Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Sheila Meets A Jane!

As part of my cousin's family research, she was eager to visit Crondall....a small village in North Hampshire.
We found the church, where we hoped we would find a grave with the name Chandler.
We did find several graves with the name Chaundler and wonder if there is a connection.
Just in case, my cousin took several photos of these graves.
One of the tombs even had fresh roses on, so there are obviously loved ones still living nearby.
We met a man who was very informative who told us several snippets of family history, including the fact one of the Chaundler sons was parachuted into the Falkland Islands during the war, to replace Col "H" who had been killed there.
We have yet to ascertain whether this is the same family branch, with a change of spelling, but it certainly gave some food for thought.
Inside the church we admired the stained glass windows, and for my cousin, it was probably the oldest building she had been in, as the church dates back to Norman times.
The church had a book sale, and I bought myself a copy of Anne Frank's diary. I used to have a copy years ago, but have long since lost it.
We would like to visit Holland one day, and include a trip to her house, so I would like to familiarise myself with her life.
My cousin is a big Jane Austen fan, and as one of her houses is near by we decided to take a detour to Chawton.
We decided we didn't need to go inside, just seeing it was enough for my cousin.
The museum held all kinds of memorabilia...and this one really made me smile!
Had we  more time, we would have tried some of the trail.
But we did have time for a lunchtime treat...chocolate milkshake for Teen Two...
...a lavender cream tea for me ( lavender infused raspberry jam)
...all enjoyed outside in the sunshine, with a perfect view of Jane Austen's house and beautiful garden.
We can thoroughly recommend Cassandra's Cup if you are in the area.
It was a very pretty place and the service was excellent.
On the way back to the car park, a nearby cottage had a table of plants and produce for sale.
This marrow ( which is larger than it looks in the picture) was only 25p!
For a quick dessert tonight I have made flapjack with berries from the freezer....a layer of flapjack, layer of berries, then topped with more flapjack.
Its always a hit with visitors and I vary what fruit I put in.
It's been a lovely day , with more lovely memories, tonight we hope to play Rummikub, one of my cousin's favourite games, and of course Teen Two's also!
Thursday August 4, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.


  1. A lovely day! Just a. Coincidence but Nana had a friend called Chandler, and Mrs Chandler's eldest son married a Pearl Chandler!!!!! Interesting.!!!xxxx