Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Little Family Reunion

Today was a little brighter than yesterday, and got progressively better as the day went on.
We decided to brave it to a car boot sale.
It is held weekly, on a windy beach, so warmish weather is really needed if you aren't going to freeze to death!
As my Australian cousin hadn't heard of a car boot sale, she was up for this new experience.
I think she enjoyed meandering around and had she not had luggage limitations I think would have made one or two purchases.
We had arranged to meet our Aunt and another cousin for lunch at a Marina a few miles which time the sun had really started to shine...although it was a little breezy.
We went to a restaurant called Wildwood, for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, making the most of their lunch deal, which was 2 courses for £10 including drinks.
The food was all freshly made and of excellent quality, we would definitely go there again.
They had a lovely play room for children with a video screen as well...ideal for those with youngsters.

We had a lovely couple of hours looking at old photos and our aunt was able to name most of the people, so my cousin has plenty more information to add to her family history file.
Its been a lovely day, and we are now awaiting the arrival of a friend for dinner...I hope he and hubby are hungry as the rest of us are still stuffed from lunch!

Its been ten years since we were altogether and very possible we won't all be together again, so these times are precious.

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  1. sounds like a fabulous day - and one to create many memories x