Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Day Down On The Farm

Today was one of Teen Two's favourite ways to spend the day...at an Activity farm about 30 miles from here.
We arrived good and early, which meant he was able to check out if there were any eggs to be collected.
We usually leave that exciting task to the little children, but as we were almost the first ones there I thought it wasn't going to spoil anyone's fun.
Next up was a game of table tennis....again, always good to do this when its quiet, later in the day there is a queue to do this, and often no balls left!
The final activity that is good to do early on is the go carts, and Teen Two was delighted to see they had new carts!
Then it was on to the main events of the day...feeding the animals.
Calves first.....
....the calf on the left hadn't been fed yet and was so hungry she licked the drips off our one!
There was a short wait for the next feeding session...just enough time for some trampolining
The kids are always eager to be fed and give such a tug at the bottle I am always surprised the teat doesn't come off!
I remember Teen Two laughing so much at the antics of the kids,  when he was little!
I think this is probably the favourite session for Teen Two...animal encounter.
These chicks are as light as a feather!
Despite having bunnies at home Teen Two spent no less time with the rabbits....this one was huge...I have seen smaller dogs!
The staff are very good and never rush us one.
Most families have a minute or two stoking the bunnies then go on to the next section...but we stay till the bitter end!
Long enough for me to get my crocheting out and whip up a few granny squares!
The large goats hold no less appeal and Teen Two  often dispenses with the feeding plate and uses his hands...enjoying the soft warm breath of the hungry mouths.
The miniature donkies were new to the farm and Teen Two bought a toy donkey in the shop as a memory of the day...which will be added to the farm of toys he has bought on previous visits!
The tractor ride is always fun...although my tummy isn't always so keen these days!
On the way out, even the farmyard cat didn't escape some of Teen Two's loving affection.
It was a great day, and so hot too...infact we just HAD to stop off to buy one of our favourite drinks of the summer....mmmmm...that really hit the spot!
Tuesday August 23, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.


  1. are you in danger of getting addicted?

    1. I think four in one summer probably does constitute there is a danger of that possibility...oh..make that five, I had one today!