Monday, 15 August 2016

A Crocheting Challenge

Starting with last night....this rather sorry looking picture above is of our teapot drip catcher.
I bought it several years ago and it has worked a  treat with the various tea pots we have had over the years, but not only is it rather grubby looking (and that's after a wash!) it no longer works.
The elastic has gone and it just hangs pathetically from the teapot spout, remembering happier days when it served a real purpose each morning!
I looked online to buy a replacement and was shocked that the same one is from a fiver upwards!
I am sure I only paid about a pound for it, but I guess that was some time ago.
There are all sorts of weird and wonderful drip catchers available...
...but all looked too fussy for me.
Hubby then came up with a bright idea yesterday...
"can't you just crochet a thick ring?"
Well I had to take up the challenge didn't I!
Within a few minutes I had three prototypes....
...and Hubby hailed them a great success!
If you want to give one a go yourself they are VERY easy!
I used two strands of chunky wool with the thickest crochet hook I had.
Chain 6 and join to form a ring
Single crochet into the ring 12 times.
Join last SC to first SC and sew ends in.
Hey presto, that's it!
One of the prototypes I used trebles for inside the ring, but the SC works just as well.
Whilst we are on the subject of crocheting.
My pile of granny squares using left over yarn is starting to pile up.
The idea was to use all my left over stash to create a blanket and then I would feel free to ...
...well buy some new yarn of course!
However... using left over yarn isn't all its cracked up to be!
I find myself not using certain shades as they just "don't go!"
And then I realised I was running out of cream, and wanted to have at least one continuous colour to the blanket so thought I just had to buy more...and then I thought that green really lifted some colours, so perhaps I ought to buy some more of that.... before I knew it I had talked myself into buying three new balls!
Not really the idea for a left over project is it...but it was only three balls!
After my usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager, trip to Morrisons, some essential housework and washing ( four loads) I thought we ought to make the most of the lovely day and asked Teen Two if he fancied doing some of his "conservation project" which he jumped at the chance to.
This time it was with his new gadget a "go pro" style camera.
He has wanted one for a while and liked the idea of recording his findings as he goes around the lake clearing out all kinds of debris.
So off he went, armed with his tools, whilst I...
...cracked on with some more crocheting and people watching.
Its fascinating to observe people, and I particularly enjoy seeing people's reactions to watching Teen Two at work.
So many are inquisitive and take the time to talk to him about what he is doing.
I don't usually get to hear what they say but with the camera will be able to play it back and hear!
After an hour and a quarter he had collected a large carrier bags worth, so it was worth all his effort.
I treated him to a tub of "posh" chocolate ice cream afterwards....
...and indulged in a rather scrummy latte myself.
Teen One went off to work this morning with a slightly dicky tum, but thankfully that didn't cause any problems throughout the day.
She had a particularly trying time the past three weeks.
Her little charge, through no fault of his own has behaviour problems as a result of his autism.
Every day was a trial for Teen One and ultimately it was decided by the charity she works for that an inclusive setting is not the right place for him, which left Teen One with no work for most of last week...however she was more than relieved for the rest if the truth be known!
Today she went in rather unsure how the session would go as she didn't know this new little lad.
His opening comments to her were
"hello my name is Jack and I want to be a Christian"
as he showed her a Gideon Bible he had brought with him!
What a wonderful thrill for her...and us!
And not only that, but he was a delightful nine year old who was no trouble at all throughout the day.
So she is one happy bunny!
On a sad note my friends mum passed away overnight after a months struggle with heart failure.
So although we ourselves have had a lovely day, it has been overshadowed with the knowledge our friend and her family will be grieving a much loved mother.

Monday August 15, 2016
Today's Promise:
   Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.

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