Thursday, 7 July 2016

Two UFO's In One Week!

This morning started very early for 6.30am I was in the kitchen baking a cake!
One of my Recycled Teenagers has her 87th birthday on Saturday, so to celebrate I thought the tots at Mother and Toddlers could sing happy birthday to her.
Her gall bladder no longer functions, so she cannot have even a scrap of fat or she is in excruciating pain
So the cake had to be a fatless sponge.
Even the baking tin cant have fat on it, so I always use paper liners in the tin....which does give the cake a rather odd shape unfortunately!
However I was pleased with how well it rose....but sadly when Grandma cut it up a few hours later she used a blunt knife which squashed each slice down to a few centimetres!!!
Every one said it tasted lovely, and kindly didn't mention what it looked like!
Next time I  will cut it up!
For the tots I popped some mini Haribo sweets and mini marshmallows onto  some teeny biscuits we had in the house.
They went down well as you can imagine!
I was rather amused to see this magpie on a neighbour's washing went all along the washing trying to peck off the pegs!!
I do hope he didn't leave any "messages" on that clean washing!
I was delighted to be given  some sticks of rhubarb today!
I LOVE rhubarb, but won't pay the price supermarkets charge for it and its not something you see in the market nowadays.
If it lasts long enough it will be a crumble for the weekend.... but knowing me, I will cook it, then eat it a spoonful at a time...always intending of course to only have one spoonful, but never quite managing it!
I am not blessed with much willpower it has to be said!
After lunch I popped next door to wash the floors and generally make the place smell fresh for any really is sad to see the rooms bare.
As I walked into the living room I could clearly hear  in my head the banter they used to have with me as I came in.
It was so sad to know I won't hear that again....I really miss them.
 Later on Teen Two and I enjoyed a game of Rummikub and as usual he won!
The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some very necessary dusting ( just where does it all come from!) and then I sat down and finished off this cross stitch finally!
So that is two UFO's (UnFinished Object) completed in a week!
Tonight I want to sew up some preemie hats I knitted in the winter for a Maternity Hospital...maybe I am on a roll!
Thursday July 7, 2016
Today's Promise:
   I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.


  1. I'm sure the cake tasted delicious!! Well done on the completed UFO.your neighbour must be very grateful for your continuing care for his parents home. Hopefully the new owners will be equally nice.xxxxxxx

  2. I'm jealous - I have so many UFO's that I now have a plastic box to keep them in!