Monday, 11 July 2016

The Organising Begins!

Today has been all about getting ourselves organised for the Friday Club
Animal Party at the end of the week.
I have spent the past few weeks collecting bits and pieces, but with the party being in four days time, I really need to take stock of what I have and what I need.
Teen One and I have enjoyed looking for animal themed food, activities and items to fill jam jars with.
We now have a large bag full of that is definitely the lions share of the shopping done!
Morrisons had these in their sale, plant pots ( around 75p I think) which I thought would be great for holding food in ( bread sticks maybe...snacks etc) and the labels (less than 50p) will be great for labelling foods.
Teen One set to counting animal shaped sweets ( did you know you can get meerkat  shapes!) animal stickers, plastic dinosaurs etc ....
...then filled the jam jars.
She will make posters for me to go with them on a table.
I used to do pasta collages years ago with kids at Holiday Bible Club, and when the Teens were Tots it was a good rainy day activity.
I am not sure how popular it will prove with the Friday clubbers, but I couldn't resist buying it!
Teen One wonders if it will be any good for printing using paint...we will experiment!
A little fun bargain for Hubby, in Morrisons again, was this pair of car mirror 25p I couldn't leave them there and Hubby will be proud to show his patriotism when the situation next arises!
When we were in the US earlier this year, Teen One and I fell in love with these drinks dispensers.
We promised each other we would treat ourselves to one when we got back to the UK.
I had kind of forgotten about it, but when in The Range with Teen One today, she saw this....
...and fell in love with it.
They did have some Kilner ones...which I didn't mind at all, but they weren't as elegant as the one we had seen in the US.
As this one that Teen One loved was only £3.99 I didn't think it was worth thinking about!
It even came with the pink cups!
I will still keep an eye out for a more adult/elegant one...but for the time being this will be fine!
The rest of the day has of course been filled with the usual chores, visiting  and the like, and we have even had some lovely sunshine!
Teen Two gave The Range a miss and chose to go to the gym instead.
His favourite piece of equipment is the cross trainer, and it is ideally situated by the window, so he can see me drive into the car park!
Monday July 11, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.


  1. What a bargain with your drinks dispenser!

  2. Love the pun In your first paragraph!!!!! What is a cross trainer? xxx

    1. Glad the pun wasn't lost on you all! A cross trainer is like your treadmill but has arms that you push back and forth at the same time x