Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Great Escape!

This morning started with ( well yes....of course the usual cuppa in bed) going to say goodbye to our family doctor.
It was a sad farewell, he has an amazing memory and went back over so many things from so long ago I can't believe how much of our family he remembered!
Hubby and Teen Two wore their new "prayer warrior" t shirts, in support of our friend in the US whose 16yr old autistic son has cancer.
Sadly to complicate matters he started having seizures this week and ultimately a stroke.
It is currently unknown what long term effect the stroke will have on him.
Its such a lot for both him and his family to contend with, but they remain strong in their faith that God is control of this situation.
I spent the rest of the morning mowing next doors lawn, then ours, and then bagging up more soil.
I keep thinking we are almost there...but its amazing how much is still there!
Hubby finished our fence we once again have our privacy back, which means I don't have to keep the blind permanently down in the conservatory.
His next mission of the day was to buy a pair of headphones for Teen Two.
He loves his headphones, when playing Minecraft etc.
The trouble is, its difficult to get an affordable pair ( have you seen the price you can pay!!!) that fit all the criteria...feel comfy, have a long enough lead, sound good etc.
We bought a pair a year or so ago and they seemed perfect...sadly they broke at the top...still useable, but not so comfy and also very likely to break completely at any moment.
Today he and Hubby went to Curry's and tried several pairs within our price range, and came home with a fairly expensive pair ( just over £30) but they were Sony and ticked all the boxes...or so we thought!
First problem...too short...second problem....add the extension lead and you lose the base!
Well there was no point keeping them, they would always be a source of irritation, so I suggested they look for special Gaming headphones.
Whilst searching Curry's website Hubby noticed the old pair were on special offer...over £30 down to £9!
"That's it" I said...."take these new ones back and get three of those ones!" We know they tick all the boxes...maybe not as strong as they could be ( or we could have had a dodgy pair) but if each pair lasts at least as long as these ones we have several years worth!
Hubby thought I was slightly mad, but when something is that cheap and you know it works....may as well stock up!
If this current pair last for longer than expected we can always sell the others BNIB!
After all the digging out the back, I needed a sit down, so some sewing was the order of the day for the next hour....I managed to make a dozen more hedgehog faces, every little helps!
Teen One made a cake ready for tea tomorrow, before going on her birthday treat...
 Escape Room!
Four of them were locked into a room and had an hour to work out all the clues, to get themselves out.
I thought it sounded like a great family activity and when the new room opens in October we will give it a go...I think I will be there to swell the numbers!
Teen One and her friend really enjoyed it and as there weren't any bookings straight after them they weren't rushed out and were given extra time.
It took them 78 minutes to "escape" and they were all talking about it on the journey home, so it was certainly an experience to remember, which of course is what I wanted for her 18th birthday.
I had arranged to meet the girls in a supermarket car park and was a little concerned when after half an hour they weren't there.
They eventually sent a text to say they had been given  the extra time and also vouchers for a free drink in the café above the room.
They all enjoyed a pink grapefruit, and when the owner knew it was a birthday treat he brought in a little cake with a candle for her.
Once I knew they were safe I popped into the supermarket for a meaner round whilst they enjoyed their time together.
As well as some reduced doughnuts ( I know... I should have left them shouldn't I!) I saw these sushi sheets reduced to 90p....seeing as both Teens love Sushi, and inparticular Teen Two, I thought we could experiement in the holidays...I'm pretty good and cooking sticky rice so that should be ok at least!!
Saturday July 2, 2016
Today's Promise:
   For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
With the TV showing practically nothing but sport tonight, we have decided to play a game and Teen Two has asked for Monopoly.
I am sure Hubby is secretly wishing he had a sports fan ally in the family!



  1. The 'escape room' sounds interesting!!! Love your thoughts about stocking up when things are cheap!!!!

    No blog from Lynda today, suffering quite badly with a bad eye and keeps being sick. Didn't go sewing today and is not going tomorrow. She must be bad. Poor girl.xxxxx

    1. Yes she sent a sorry she is so far away and we cant do things like walk the dogs etc