Saturday, 23 July 2016

The BFG Returns

Today started rather early (again!) it seems our weekend lie ins are a thing of the past.
What with the heat and middle age, lazing in bed doesn't seem to be an option at the moment...but then it does give us a lovely long day.
I fancied something different to the usual toast for brekkie this morning, so went for greek yogurt, porridge oats and was very yum indeed.
I ate it in the garden, which was the coolest place to be, and also I was able to enjoy the lovely birdsong.
Hubby had two missions today, to re sand and wax the kitchen floor, and fit a new shower in the attic bathroom.
The waxing of the floor went well...but it does mean we can go in the kitchen for 24hrs!!!
So that meant a little forethought on my part for lunch.
Last night I took the George Foreman grill into the conservatory, and had intended doing lunch there, but it was way too hot, so I transferred into the dining room, but didn't realise how short the lead was, so the only place I could use it was on the piano stool!
The dining room table was perfect of course for a work top.
I had bought some paninis in Lidl yesterday especially for today.
We then retreated back to the shade of the gazebo to enjoy our lunch.
Followed by a refreshing lolly for dessert.
Hubby then cracked on with the shower and I cant tell you how many times he had to come down the two flights of stairs to get a tool from the garage!
He must have been exhausted!
The old shower was lovely...and not all that old...but if a tap was used anywhere else in the house the shower would suddenly go cold!
Not a pleasant experience!
So, we splashed out on a new one that keeps the temperature constant...which in all honesty we had thought the last one would do!
Of course like every other DIY job, it was not straight forward and he had to take the first new one back and get another one as the fittings weren't the same...wouldn't you think these things would be standardised!
Anyway, after all sorts of problems, it was eventually put in and so far so good.
Teen Two gave the grass another cut for me. I am sad to see so many bare patches after all the effort we went to re seed last year... and just as many weeds as well!
I am seriously considering fake grass for another year!
I indulged in some crochet whilst everyone else was hard at it....but I had been hard at it earlier so felt the need for a breather!
This cushion will go to the "hedgehog lady" which is where the wool came from.
I am hoping she doesn't "reward" me with yet more wool...I seriously want to de clutter!
So serious am I about the decluttering of wool, I actually parted with a carrier bag of it today!
A lady on Facebook Given Freely put out a request for wool, she is knitting for a baby I thought that would be a good way to clear the decks a bit.
I have to confess to still having a suitcase ( a LARGE) suitcase quite full of wool, so I still have a ways to go, but it's a start!
Of course when its all gone... I can go out with a clear conscience and BUY some more!
This afternoon we went to see a film Teen Two has been itching to see...
The BFG.
We have seen the old one countless times on video and really loved it, so I was uncertain about the remake.
However, it was a lovely film, amazingly animated and just as good as the old film.
Penelope Wilton played an excellent HM The Queen!
After the film and a spot of shopping, we went our for a Tex Mex meal.
Teen Two unusually couldn't eat his, so we asked for a doggy bag and I just hope he isn't coming down with something.
Saturday July 23, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.



  1. I'm sitting here reading your blog and wondering how on earth you manage to fit so many jobs into one day!!! Why don't you bite the bullet and put all your wool on freely given site.
    What is a TeX mex meal? Xxx

    1. Tex Mex is a mix of Texan and Mexican....very common...tortillas/burritos etc. The restaurant was called Chimichanga..I wouldn't recommend you go though too spicy probably. We have a 25% off card for them. As for the know I have gone upstairs lots of times to do just that but have come to the conclusion I have an attachement disorder... I just cant part with all of it! I can see how useful it will be "one day!" My goal is to use it all then I can cope with it going I think!!! Maybe I need to see a psychologist! x

  2. Meant to say Hubby has. Made a good job of the floor. Well done.xx

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