Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Teen Two...The One Man Conservation Team!

Today we had Little Missy, my friend's foster daughter coming for the day.
She loves crabbing, so with the sun being out that seemed the obvious choice.
She was here quite early, so I got her to make her sandwiches for a picnic, which she seemed to enjoy.
As soon as we got to the lake, the two younger ones got straight into the business of crabbing.
After some people watching (our favourite activity!) Teen One joined them...
...I continued to people watch, from the shade of a lovely large tree and finished off the back of the crocheted cushion cover.
The water was crystal clear, which was lovely, other than it showed up all the rubbish that has been thrown or blown in.
Teen Two was not happy with this threat to the wildlife in the lake, so abandoned the crabbing and using his net, spent the morning getting out as much rubbish as he could...including a rubber mat and brand new bucket!
He wanted to stay and do it longer, but we had promised Little Missy we would go to the beach, so I suggested we go back another time.
Several adults passing by stopped to talk to him and praised him for his dedication to conservation.
He didn't understand the word, so having explained to him its all about protecting wildlife
Teen Two has said he would like to go back regularly and try to keep the lake as clean as possible...he also wants a "Go Pro" camera to wear and record what he is doing for his You Tube channel!
I was thrilled his hard work had brought some positive attention and would like to see if there is a group that already dedicate time to this sort of conservation work,  that we can attach ourselves to.
It would be nice to get some recognition for him ultimately, that can go on his CV.
We enjoyed our picnic in the shade, before setting off for the beach.
Teen One and Little Missy braved it first...
...I braved...a paddle!
The rest of the time I spent in our little shaded haven
( have you got the idea I don't like sitting in direct sunlight!)
The tide was in, so the water was very deep after just a few steps in, but it was really reassuring to have the lifeguard there to keep an eye on the Teens.

Teen Two found a huge clump of seaweed and wore it like a wig! From a distance it he looked like a Rastafarian!
The water urn I bought at The Range last week proved really useful today.
I always put water bottles in the freezer overnight when we are planning a day out....the ice stayed frozen for the entire time and we just used the urn to top up the bottles.
I did put a tray of ice cubes in the urn, but of course they melted pretty early on in the day.
On the way back to the car the Teens wanted to try out the new outdoor gym...which was great fun!
Dinner tonight needed to be something quick and easy...preferably not using the oven ( way too hot in the kitchen with that on!)
So using last weeks new recipe for risotto, I replaced the bacon with lightly smoked fillets....it was delicious!
Hubby is not  a fish fan so I will do bacon for him.
We have Little Missy tomorrow as well, so will ensure we have plenty organised for her.
Tuesday July 19, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.




  1. From JD me
    "What a lovely day...well done Teen Two keep up the good work"

  2. How could you crochet in that heat? Well done Teen 2 x

    1. It was lovely in the shade and of course being on the seafront much cooler than inland.