Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Teen Two Takes On Beans On Toast!

This morning started with Teen Two going round to Grandma's to play their favourite game....he also took a pack of Egg Custard tarts with him, which I know Grandma loves.
Whilst Teen Two was out ( and Teen One was still sleeping!) I tried to get to the bottom of a small mystery.
I had noticed an amount of £8 come out of our bank account last month with "coverplan" as the description.
I am very reluctant to take out coverplans...reckoning they are usually a waste of money, but have from time to time, if the price is right, and for the washing machine, taken one out.
I searched through the bank account and saw another amount of £2 coming out, which I recognised as being the washing machine service protection, so what was the £8??
I decided to call the bank...who said it was indeed from Currys, so likely to be for a household item.
Well I knew it wouldn't be for anything other than the washing machine, so examined all the relevant reference numbers and lo and behold it was indeed for the washing machine!
So for some bizzare reason I had TWO agreements!
Well I was not happy about that! Having one is a luxury!
When I called Curry's they talked me through the paperwork I had signed...and I then recalled getting a letter back in May, and for £8 a month, for ten months my machine will be covered for five years.
I remember thinking, that was pretty good value and we couldn't buy a new machine for £80 so it was worth the cover for all those years.
But what I didn't understand was why I had two running...the £2 one is with Domestic and General.
I had assumed when I had the letter in May it was my Domestic and General protection running out, but it wasn't at all, it appears Curry's and Domestic and General are not part of the same company.
Currys had just sent the letter because the machine was a year old and past the usual warranty....but of course I hadn't realise that.
So, word of warning....make sure you know who you are signing up with and don't end up with two!
Thankfully I discovered it early so have only "lost" £4, I have of course cancelled the £2 agreement which was due to expire next year.
What a palava!
By this time, it was time to collect Teen Two from Grandma's to take to his volunteering job.
But not before I accidently forced Teen One to wake up from her beauty sleep!
I had decided to take the old car as we were going to a fairly rough part of town and didn't exactly know where I was going to get I got it out of the garage and shut the garage door...forgetting I had no way of now getting into the house!
So I had to knock knock knock...ring ring ring...before eventually a bleary eyed Teen One came down and rescued me!
The beans on toast making went well and Teen Two really enjoyed the experience.
I was less enamoured I must say.
The play centre staff did not know we were coming and clearly didn't really want us there.
They didn't like, what appeared to be an invasion of their space.
The lady who we were working for arrived and it was clear they didn't know who she was, she had her own agenda and they had theirs and it seems never the twain shall meet...and we were stuck in the middle!
I felt rather awkward to say the least and did my best to keep friendly with both sides.
Its all down to lack of communication really and I understood it from both sides, and did my best to let the play centre know exactly why we were there and how we had got involved.
They seemed fine afterwards but I must admit I am not looking forward to going back next week and hope tomorrow's session is a little friendlier!
I must say, the kids were great ( most of them!) some looked like they had never had a wash in their lives...poor things.
We had to collect some data at the end...on the kids diet, and the charity we are working with hope to present a case to the council to try and get the local population eating more nutricious  foods, using foods that supermarkets have thrown out.
Communication is going to have to be improved though it if is to trickle down to the troops on the ground!
Teen Two however really enjoyed it, so it was worth all the hassle!
After a quick breather at home we all popped in to town and bought a few bargains...and I was delighted to see The Works are renovating an empty shop!!
Yeah...I have missed them!!
There is a sausage casserole cooking in the oven ready for dinner, after which I will drop Teen Two off at the gym, before he then goes to his Internet Club.
Teen Two has been practising her Hazard Perception test and is hoping to book her Theory test its all systems go!
Wednesday July 27, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!

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