Thursday, 21 July 2016

Taking The Day As We Find It

Today I had nowhere in particular I needed to be, although of course had some ideas in my mind, but it meant for the first time this holiday I could take the morning as I found it...and that of course meant starting the day with a lovely leisurely cuppa.
I do love these "take it as you find it" days that the summer holidays bring.
Teen Two is always an early riser, so around 9.15am  I suggested he go and pay Grandma a visit, and take along their latest favourite game.
She reported later she is really enjoying his visits and of course playing one of her favourite games is a real treat.
Teen Two was still getting her beauty sleep, so I made yet another trip to the dump.
I am sure they are going to start recognising me!
There are now only three bags of soil left to take!
Of course I have my eye on another area that needs clearing out the back...but that can wait a while.
I managed to fill the car with the rest of the rubbish from previous weeks DIY left out the front, so the place is looking less like a builders yard ...for the moment anyway!
Soon after lunch, the doorbell went.
A painter working locally was touting for business and wondered if I was interested in having the front painted.
As it happened we are...which if course was a happy surprise for him, no doubt he gets a lot of "no thank you's"
He told me what he would do and for how much, told me where he was working and what her name was so I felt quite confident, and said after chatting with hubby I would call him tonight.
Later in the afternoon as we were going out, I glanced at the house he said he was working sign of work or a van.
So in the evening I knocked the door and to my surprise I knew the lady!
She was not having work done and didn't know anyone near by with the name he gave.
But she did know her colleague's husband did painting and had painted her daughters house, so armed with that information I will make further enquiries.
As for the touter...well I have no idea if he was genuine or not.
Maybe he will call back...hopefully he wont!
The Teens and I decided to pay a visit to one of our dear old ladies from church, she doesn't get out hardly at all now, but is very faithful at remembering birthdays etc and very generous with her giving, and over the years has spent most of her time visiting others.
She is a hard person to "help" but I hoped I could persuade her to come out for a drive along the seafront, or maybe even visit a new M&S that has just opened nearby.
However she was not feeling up to going out, but was delighted to have some visitors.
She showed us her garden...puts mine to shame!
I was amazed to see a wall full of pictures and thank you letters our Teens have sent over the years!
It amazed them too!
All neatly blue tacked to the otherwise plain painted walls.
What a sweetheart!
On the way home I treated the Teens to a McFlurry to cool them down...and surprisingly enough I resisted having one myself...I am rather partial to a Cadbury's McFlurry!
The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging washing, folding washing, putting in more washing...the usual kind of stuff.
Teen One has had her piano lesson and Teen Two is at footy.
Its been thankfully much cooler today, although still very pleasant.
Tomorrow Teen One starts her summer job...funny day to start, but its all money in the bank isn't it!
Thursday July 21, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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  1. Isn't it nice to have a day when you can just go with the flow?