Friday, 15 July 2016

Party Day Arrives!

Well today was non stop party preparation!
How is it everything always takes longer than I think?
Teen One didn't stop all day either.
She had seen a couple of ideas online which worked out really well...
This cucumber snake proved a real hit!
Although not one of the kids went for the dip, every bit of the snake went!
We had some "snacking cucumbers" in the house, so made a couple of baby snakes....they too proved to be a big hit.
Teen One's next task was to make some paw print cakes...these too were loved by the kids and we used the same idea as an activity, making paw print cookies, using rich tea biscuits.
Continuing the animal theme, I made some chocolate crunch cakes using croc print cereal.
The dining room table was starting to fill up as I emptied bags of activities I had been collecting...
The chairs were full of the party bags, which took over an hour to fill!
Teen One spent some time out of the kitchen, preparing signs for me, for all the crafts, "guess whats in the jar" etc.
She has worked like a trooper today, and that was just the beginning!
The party itself was more than hectic!
We had nearly 50 children and were three helpers down, leaving Hubby, Teen One, myself and one other helper.
Setting up took over an hour, and whilst I did take my camera and had intended taking pictures to share here, the kids started to turn up before we knew it and it as all systems go!
All the crafts proved a hit...I think making Pom Poms was the most popular and I am so glad  I bought it earlier this year in the US.
The clear up of course takes another hour, so by the time we made it home we were shattered!
But it's always good to give the kids happy memories and we hope they will look back on their time at our church club with just that, but of course above all we hope they will come to love the Lord as we do.
We are now looking forward to the long summer break.
Friday July 15, 2016
Today's Promise:
   Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.


  1. Well done everyone. I'm sure the kids loved it. Loved the cucumber snake!!! Xxxx

  2. And rest xxxxxx Love the snake!