Monday, 18 July 2016

Pacing Ourselves

Well summer has finally arrived...although a little too hot for my liking (never happy are we!)
So today was all about pacing ourselves.
It may be the holidays, but there are still chores to be done, Recycled Teenagers to visit and the good old weekly shop to be done.
The Teens opted to stay home in the morning, leaving me plenty of time to have a chit chat with my Monday Recycled Teenager.
We then went to Morrisons as usual and I was tempted by this Ben and Jerry's ice cream!
Before going to the US earlier this year,  I had only considered this brand to be an expensive waste of money!
But how I have changed my tune since going to the factory in Vermont.
They are more than just ice cream makers, they are a responsible company who take care of their employees and the food chain with which they work in.
If you want to find out more check out their website.
I would still consider them to be an expensive brand, but not a waste of money and I am now happy to buy it as a treat...especially when like today it is on special offer!
Being a lover of peanut butter flavoured foods, I just had to try this one out...and it is the best I have tasted!!
I had another bargain in the supermarket...I love this wholemeal bread from the bakery section.
I generally buy it when its on special offer, £1 a loaf.
Today however it was only 75p...and two for a pound!
Could that be right?
The baker was right next to me topping up the roll section so I asked him if it was right
"oh dear no...that's not right at all!"
When I looked closer I saw the sticker was for the smaller loaves.
I gave one loaf back to the baker and said I would just take the one in that case, although 75p was still a bargain
"no, you keep it he said...I will take the others off the shelf though and relabel them."
So, honesty was the best policy!
Back home and with the shopping unpacked, it was time for a quick breather before thinking about lunch.
Having a long drying day ahead meant I was able to fit in washing the sheets after yesterdays early morning disaster and get them dry outside.
After lunch I retreated to the gazebo, once again the coolest part of the house/garden.
I started the back of the cushion cover, which is going to have to  be grey as I don't think there is enough of the other shades...
...Teen One came and joined me whilst studying the Highway Code.
Milly came to join us too...but the heat got too much for even her....
...and she crawled under the chair hoping to find a cooler spot...
...but pretty soon she was back up, wanting to be next to mum I guess.
Whilst three of us enjoyed the tranquility of the garden,
Teen Two spent an hour at the gym.
 On the way back home I dropped him and Teen One off at a new Milkshake Bar that has opened near our home.
Teen One chose peanut butter cup flavour ( made with real Reese's peanut butter cups, icecream and cream!) and Teen Two chose lemon meringue pie flavour.
They walked home round the pond, by which time Teen Two had drank all of his...but then he had come straight from the gym so had no doubt built up a thirst!
I have been researching voluntary work for Teen Two during the holidays, up until this week with no joy.
Whilst there is a lot available, it is mostly long term vacancies.
Having been directed to a local site by the Council, I was hoping to find a long list of opportunities that we could look through together and see what appealed to him.
But it was rather like choosing something to buy online...narrowing down genre's, areas of expertise/interest, etc...and there were so many to choose from, that getting the right mix seemed impossible!
Until I found a local food company that are providing free meals for kids at local play areas...all in deprived areas of town.
All the applicant had to do was make beans on toast every day!
Well...Teen Two would have no problem with that!
I thought it would be a great opportunity to develop some independence as well as some skills outside of school, which might stand him in good stead in years to come.
The company were very pleased to hear from us, and eager to help, but sadly as Teen Two is under 18 insurance does not allow him to work alone in the kitchen.
So....we are going as a team!
They are happy for me to oversee things and him to do the work.
They have also said they will take photos of him working and at the end, if he can write up about his experience they will sign the paperwork and it can become part of his CV.
So, whilst this is not exactly what I had in mind, I am thrilled they are giving him the opportunity and kick started his CV!
Who knows where it will lead.
Teen One will be working at various play centres over the next few weeks ( and being paid a good wage as well!) so there is the possibility we will be on the same site at some point!
Monday July 18, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.


  1. Its a shame that Teen 2 can't be on his own but I think that you've settled for a good second best! well done x

  2. Definitely need to pace yourself!!!! Lovely weather but hard to work in. Well done on getting work experience for teen two!!xxx